School's In Session: Top Picks for Your Little Learners

Homework can be a stressful affair for everyone involved. Juggling after-school activities, meal prep and housework, it often takes a village to get reading assignments, flashcards and worksheets completed at a decent hour. We've yet to find out how to make schoolwork magically disappear altogether, but we can tip parents off on how to make the situation more manageable. Here's how to create a quiet, supervised and streamlined area where kids can study at home.

Kid's workspace with a desk, chair, and lamp
Red wood coat locker photo

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Coat Locker With Bench

Granting little hands open access to school gear makes mornings a breeze. Making backpacks, coats and shoes easier to reach will minimize requests for help from mom and dad during the mad morning rush. The look of lockers reminds kids of school and puts them in a productive mindset. The most strategic placements for lockers might be bedrooms where they can work double-duty as shelves for lamps and decor or somewhere near the front door as a drop-and-dash station. ($490;

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White four-drawer desk photo

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Wheaton 4-Drawer Desk

A sturdy desk with ample storage is the linchpin of home offices. If you have several children, don't limit your search to office furniture designed specifically for kids. Your family will likely get more use out of a standard size desk that everyone can use. Just remember to pick an adjustable office chair (see below) so each occupant can feel comfortable here. This hyper-organized desk has so many drawers, cubbies and shelves that you should be able to sort everyone's papers here. ($543.99;

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Green office chair photo

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Juliana Task Chair

A comfortable chair might be the most important item on this list. If you expect your child to really buckle down after a long day at school to focus on even more schoolwork, you ought to create a comfortable environment for doing so. An ergonomic office chair is one that's adjustable so feet are firmly planted on the ground plus sturdy back support to promote good posture. Let your child pick their favorite of six bright colors. ($295;

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Purple lamp shaped like a spilling bucket of paint photo

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Woopsy Lamp

After school activities can run late and push homework time past sunset. When this happens, adequate lighting is especially important. Supplement overhead lights with a lamp so your little Einsteins don't strain their eyes. The Woopsy Lamp is a bestseller that can cheer up even the most studious workspace. Choose from orange, purple, white or yellow. ($31;

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Orange robot-shaped wall clock photo

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Robot Pendulum Wall Clock

Everyone likes to keep an eye on the clock during homework time. Whether they're counting down the minutes to playtime or you're timing their practice tests, wall clocks are convenient for any study space. This robot pendulum clock is a super cool option for the kids' room with fascinating three-dimensional gears. ($50;

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Multicolored globe photo

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10-Inch White Illuminated Desk Globe

Amateur explorers will love this one. Teach your kids a lesson in world geography at home with a desk globe. This one is covered with over 125 drawings of special features found in individual countries and regions, like livestock and landmarks. The coolest part? This globe glows! ($70;

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Light wood and white bookcase photo

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Dottie Bookcase

Storing supplies within reach, but off of the table will do wonders for productivity. Like adults, little minds get easily overwhelmed with too many things on the table. You can keep distractions to a minimum by setting up a supply rack nearby. This bookcase can hold books, art boxes, puzzles and the like all in one tidy place. ($249;

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Dinorsaur-shaped bookend photo

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Bobo the Dinosaur Bookend

Each student is stronger in some subjects than others. If reading assignments are what's keeping your little learner down, try giving their reading nook a second look. You can make just about any book more appealing by dedicating a special space just for reading. Decorate the area with a few interesting objects that will naturally draw your child in. As a bookend, Bobo the Dinosaur makes a helpful reading companion. He'll hold your child's entire book collection together without being a flashy distraction. ($57;

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Tabletop easel photo

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Four-in-One Tabletop Easel

All of that studying demands a creativity break. Combine a crafts and homework zone with this four-in-one compact tabletop easel. In a quick flip, the magnetic whiteboard surface converts to a chalkboard. The ledge below is perfect for storing writing utensils and the paper roll includes nine feet of paper for endless coloring and handwriting practice. Parents can also use this easel to demonstrate lessons in sentence structure and math problems without installing a massive and messy chalkboard on the wall. ($55;

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Multicolored painting of a frog wearing glasses photo

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Hipster Froggy II

Having something nearby to occupy a wandering eye can revive productivity. Colorful wall art is a great solution to procrastination. This Hipster Froggy looks especially studious with his oversized spectacles. Display Froggy near your kids' workspace as a funny reminder to get back to work! ($91;

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