Winter Weather Essentials to Buy in Bulk

Whether they're playing in the snow or heading off to school, your child can stay warm all season long with these essentials. And with each under $25, you can stock up without breaking the bank.


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Girls' Tech Touch Gloves

Fingers are vulnerable to colder temperatures. Keep hers nice and cozy with these bright gloves. The thumb and index finger are made of a special texture that recognizes her touch, so whether she's taking selfies or texting her friends, she can keep her gloves on and fingers warm. ($4;

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Boys' Tech Touch Gloves

Girls aren't the only ones playing on their phones. This glove bundle is perfect for little boys so your son can be just as tech-savvy and equally as warm. Plus, at $4 a pop, you can easily replace a set if they lose one. ($4;

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Girl Power Sweater-Knit Scarf

This season, let her gear make a statement. This feminine scarf is made of cozy sweater knit fabric to keep her warm. The empowering print also comes in hats and gloves so she can look fashionable all winter long. (13;

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Boys' Solid Fleece Scarf

Designed with your child in mind, this soft fleece scarf has a narrower cut so he can wrap up without getting overwhelmed with fabric. And thanks to an anti-pilling finish, your house won't get overrun with fuzzies. Instead, this scarf holds its cozy texture wash after wash. ($15;

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Polka-Dot Knit Hat

You don't need to spend a fortune on cute gear. Options like this stylish polka-dot cap are as functional as they are fashionable. The deep gray color complements her other items, and the fuzzy pom perfectly tops off this winter staple. ($16;

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Fleece Trapper Hat

For ultimate comfort, look no further than this trapper hat. Its fleece lining provides extra insulation—ideal for keeping warm on those particularly chilly days. And two long flaps prevent the cold from nipping at his ears. ($25;

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Fleece-Lined Hat

A fleece-lined hat is a must for the colder months. Selecting one in a neutral shade like this adorable cable-knit style complements her brightest winter attire. Plus, the ties ensure it stays on even when the wind blows. ($13;

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Ribbed Wool Hat

Classic styles are a no-brainer when buying in bulk. The rib-knit hat has been around for years, and the style isn't going anywhere. This particular cap comes in several sizes, so you can confidently stock up for his teen years too. ($15;

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Cable Tights

When cold weather hits, it's time to break out the tights; and between potential spills and snags, you can never own too many! She can wear this versatile pair with most of her favorite skirts and dresses, and their stretchy fabric means they're also comfortable to move around in. ($7;

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Moisturizing ChapStick, 3 pack

Dry, cracked lips are a pain at any age, but this hydrating lip balm contains over 10 different moisturizers to help heal and protect your child's lips. Stock up and keep one in your purse, the car, and knickknack drawer so you're prepared wherever you go. You can even give one to your kid to take school; if he or she loses it, at least you have two more for backup. ($3;

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