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The Essential Back To School Supplies Roundup

Pencils, notebooks, a mini stapler-we’re all familiar with the basic school supplies list kids are given before the school year starts, but what about those lesser known items that make the school year just a bit more fun? Upgrading pens or notebooks can take notetaking from drab to fab and fun accessories like the perfect lunchbox or a water bottle can make your little one smile throughout the day. Here’s our version of the essential school supplies list with a fun twist.

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Not-Your-Average Writing Utensils

Pens and pencils are must-haves, and don’t necessarily have to be anything too exciting, but simple upgrades can make a huge difference when your kids are completing writing exercises or working on their homework. Fountain pens in fun colors can turn notes into pieces of art, and gel pens can take that to an even more exciting level. With sparkles and an endless array of colors, pens that stand out from the crowd can help your little one make school work their own. Pencils can also be upgraded to more exciting choices. Try a pack with scented wood, add fun erasers to the top, or opt for a fun mechanical pencil. Make sure to mix in a few standard pens and pencils for times when those are necessary.

Parenting Tip: Purchasing pens and pencils in a variety pack can get you a bigger bang for your buck. Instead of giving all of them to your child at the beginning of the school year-and having to replace lost or broken ones halfway through the year-give them a select few and rotate every couple of weeks. Let them pick out their favorites so they’ll be eager to use the supplies to get creative at school.

Lunchboxes They Won’t Forget At Home

Sack lunches don’t have to be boring brown bags, a fun lunch box featuring your child’s favorite show or character or a fun print they’ll want to show off will make lunch time that much more exciting. These insulated bags can be stuffed full of lunchtime goodies and can help keep items cold (or warm) through morning classes. Pick a pack based on your child’s interests and needs-lunch boxes work best when they both look cool and function best for your child. Whether it’s a small bag that can fit easily inside their backpack or a large bag to hold all of their snacks as well, it’s easy to find a bag that your little one will love.

Or opt for a fun bento box design. These trendy lunch boxes have separate compartments perfect for adding in fun mains and sides. The boxes can be carried to school in an insulated bag, or if the items don’t need temperature control you can send it on its own.

Awesome Organization Helpers

Organization is key to starting the school year off right. Get your kids started on the right foot with fun organization tools and hacks. For example, a pencil case can hold writing utensils, or a secret snack stash. It can also double as a mini supply kit. Pop in germ killer, a pack of tissues, a few bandaids, or some chapstick so your little ones will be prepared for whatever the day brings.

A fun binder with colorful inserts and dividers can help keep homework and papers in one spot so they make it to and from school with ease. The more unique and fun you make the binder, the more likely kids will remember to use it.

And don’t forget about a planner! Teaching your child to use a planner daily can help start organizational habits that may stick with them throughout life. Go with a fun daily planner that gives them the space to write out their assignments, to-do lists, daily notes, and doodles.

Supplies For Parents

The key goal is during back to school shopping is getting your kids prepared with backpacks and supplies for a great start to the school year, but there are some supplies to add to the list to help parents out too. Adding extra food storage containers to your stash for prepping lunches, a kitchen chalkboard to help meal plan weekly dinners, and extra cleaning supplies to fight off the transportation of germs during cold and flu seasons can all help insure the school year goes smoothly for everyone.

It's also a good idea to stock up on little gift items or thank you notes for times when your child’s teacher deserves an extra thanks.