100 PC, Bamblu Home Compostable Designer Tableware, 10 inch Round Palm Leaf Plate, LCP-10-CS

"Bamblu Palm Leaf Tableware is classy, cool and compostable. Round or square, all shapes compliment each other." Ingredients of one Bamblu plate: One areca palm leaf." USDA Certified Biobased Product, since July 2012." Each one varies from light beige color to a dark brown color." 100% self-sustainable, 100% raw organic, 100% biodegradable." 100% home compostable or toss green recycle can. Just like a leaf in your yard!" Composts within 60 to 90 days without light, table or toss green recycle can. Just like a leaf in your yard!" Composts within 60 to 90 days without light, oxygen or chemicals." Puncture and leak resistant." For hot or cold foods, solids or liquids." Refrigerator, freezer and microwave safe." Oven safe, up to 350 degrees for 30 minutes." Bamblu brand palm leaf can hold up to 20 times its weight." Palm leaf does not conduct heat - safe to hold in hand or on lap." Palm leaf costs less than bamboo or wood tableware." Palm leaf tableware is lighter than wood or bamboo tableware." Palm leaf is cheaper to ship than bamboo or wood tableware." Bamblu brand has a shelf life of two (2) plus years, as packaged." Available in cartons of 100 pieces, ten (10) packs of ten (10) pieces." Packaging protect against warping." Best to store unopened in a dry location. Bamblu palm leaf disposable plates are a lovely gift from nature and one of the most eco-conscious products you can use for everyday living or special occasions. Bamblu tableware is self-sustaining; a shed areca palm leaf picked up from the ground, sanitized and shaped into a plate or bowl. Palm leaf tableware is compostable and disposable by default. Being only a leaf, it can't be anything else. Palm leaf is the most compostable, disposable, lightest, compatible and versatile tableware, for less cost than any other designer compostable tableware in the world used for fine dining or every day meals. Reusable, though designed for one use. They may be gently washed with soapy brush and water. Do NOT immerse in water, completely dry while flat and upside down. After using Bamblu's palm leaf plates and bowls, simply to read more