BDEALS 5.5" Silver Stainless Steel Manicure Care Nail Cutter with Spring Clipper

Description:Sharp and Sturdy Nail Clipper with Premium Grade Stainless Steel blades trim your nails precisely and cleanly, even without much pressure. Professional nail clipper set that has an anti-slip sleeve with nail catcher. It provides precision and control while saving you from the hassle of sweeping the floor after trimming your nails. This beautiful and functional professional nail clipper promises perfect looking fingernails and toenails every time. It featand functional professional nail clipper promises perfect looking fingernails and toenails every time. It features a pair of sharp blades designed to trim your nails flawlessly. No worry about jagging your hands anymore! The lever and the base is much thicker than cheapie ones, with quality stainless steel material, it is built to last and do the heavy duty job! Finally, you can flaunt your gorgeous fingers or toes without being embarrassed by your nails. Ideal for Thick Nails, Ingrown nails or Deformed nails due to Fungus/Diabetes/Aging/Pregnancy.Features:Supreme Quality Manicure Nail Toe Care Cuticle Clipper Cutter ToolCrafted Using Premium Grade Stainless SteelIt measures 5.5" LongSturdy and Smooth Construction With Lock & SpringLightweight, Portable and ConvenientRust ResistantCorrosion ResistantElegant and EnduringErgonomically Designed to Maximize Productivity by Minimizing Hand FatiguePrecise Machine work for Shape, Thickness and BalanceElegant, EnduringUltra-Sharp Cutting Edge Slightly Curved to get to the Awkward Areas With Perfect AlignmentUnique Handle Design making it easier to control and deliver a more confident clip every time.Effortless and Perpendicular cutting stainless steel blades cut thick nails smoothly and easilyReinforced and forged clipper handle creates more strength and leverage which means you have to work less, even with thick nails.VersatileNo need for filingPrevents Nail Splitting and Ingrown ToenailsSmooth and Easy Action With Stylish DesignSuitable for Professional Use or Home UseAutoclaveable and SterilizableSatisfaction Guaranteed read more