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Where the River Rises

WINNER 2014 CHRISTIAN SMALL PUBLISHERS INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD CHILDREN'S CATEGORY (8-12 years) FINALIST 2013 AUSTRALASIAN CALEB BOOK AWARD FOR BEST CHILDREN'S BOOK Where the River Rises is the fourth and final book in the multi-award-winning series The Barn Chronicles by New Zealand author Rosie Boom. Where the River Rises is a warm-hearted, engaging book for the whole family to enjoy. It invites readers to join the Boom family in another year of homesgaging book for the whole family to enjoy. It invites readers to join the Boom family in another year of homesteading in rural New Zealand. As the Boom family begins a fourth year of living in their ninety-three-year-old barn, a terrible drought has Northland in its grip. The land turns brown, the Great River of Narnia falls, and the animals begin to suffer. As the relentless drought continues, thirteen-year-old Milly begins to think the rains will never come. But meanwhile there is a homestead to be finished and adventures to be had. There are calves to rear, gardens to plant and endless firewood to be collected. When the drought finally breaks and the river rises again, The Ruins have been transformed into a home crafted with love, blood, sweat and tears. Milly can hardly wait to move in. The time has come to leave the barn and begin a whole new adventure... A modern-day Little House on the Prairie - and every bit as charming as that classic. My daughter sat spellbound as we read The Barn Chronicles. Though they were family read-alouds she kept sneaking off with them to read ahead. In an era where wholesome, fun, children's novels are increasingly hard to come by, this series is a gem. Lisa Taylor, mother, author of Motive Games The Barn Chronicles are amazing! 10/10! I love how the series is funny, adventurous and exciting. I sometimes wish I lived in the barn but I live on a farm so it's pretty much just as good. I love animals and enjoy reading about the horses, ducks, chickens, Prince Caspian and Angel. I will also always remember John the Baptist, the retarded but lovely rooster - R.I.P. I definitely recommend this series for all ages. Awesome! Annelies 10) read more