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Pack of 300 Glowing Stars & Moon | Fluorescent Ceiling Stars for Kids | Estrellas Fluorescentes Para Niños | Glow Moon and Stars Set for Bedrooms and Nurseries by Boxiki Kids

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Starry Night Sky! Bring the beauty of a star-studded sky into your own home! With their bright lingering glow, durable design, and included adhesive putty, these lovely night stars stickers are an enchanting way to light up your home. Whether you use them to replicate galaxies and constellations on your ceiling, bring a soothing nighttime light into your child’s room, or decorate your nursery—this pack of glow in the dark moon and stars willttime light into your child’s room, or decorate your nursery—this pack of glow in the dark moon and stars will enchant children and adults alike! Features Set of 300 Five-Point Stars & 1 Crescent Moon Includes Adhesive Putty for Glow in the Dark Stars Mess-Free Application & Removal Safe for Children Age 3+ Multi-Purpose Use The sky is the limit with these starry glow in the dark stickers! Create galaxies and constellations on bedroom ceilings, line floorboard trim on dark hallways for a unique low-cost lighting solution, decorate your child’s bedroom or nursery, or even use them as design elements in festive holiday decorations and gift wrapping. Using the stars couldn’t be easier—just place a tiny dab of the included adhesive putty to the back of each star, position it, and press it down firmly into place. The stars will provide their best glow for 3-4 hours in complete darkness, and you can recharge them during the day by simply flipping the lights on. When it’s time to take the moons and stars down, just twist them gently off to find a clean residue-free surface underneath! Gift Ideas In search of a fun birthday, holiday or baby shower gift? This glow in the dark stars ceiling and wall decor pack makes a unique and creative gift anytime of year. Whether you give them to children, adults or even yourself—these moon and stars ceiling stickers are sure to be a welcome addition in any home! read more