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Set of 2 Stroller Hooks for Bags, Purses, Water Bottles & More | Mommy Hook Stroller Bag Hanger Clips | 360 Degree Swivel Stroller Carabiner Hooks | Stroller Hook Set for Mommy by Boxiki Kids

Let Your Stroller Carry The Heavy LoadPushing a stroller can be hard work, especially if you’re also carrying your bag, purse or water bottle. These high weight capacity stroller accessories hook carabiners attach to your stroller handle, so you can let it carry the heavy load & keep both your hands free and ready for whatever comes. These hooks swivel at 360-degree angles, giving you quick & reliable access to anything you need, without inhibiting your ability to n0-degree angles, giving you quick & reliable access to anything you need, without inhibiting your ability to navigate the stroller. Whether you’re reaching into the diaper bag for a snack for the kids or getting a sip of water, these multi purpose hooks stroller clips keep what you need close at hand. Simplify your life & let your stroller carry the heavy load!Features360-degree Rotating DesignDoesn’t Interfere with Stroller NavigationWorks With Bags, Purses, Water Bottles, Etc.Secure Adjustable Velcro StrapsHigh Weight CapacityUniversal CompatibilityEasy InstallationEasy AccessMulti-Purpose UseInstallation couldn’t be easier! Just slide the velcro straps around your stroller handle & pull them into a snug position. The clips will stay securely in place without sliding around, and will provide reliable support for whatever you need. Whether you want to hang a diaper bag, purse, water bottle, back pack or lunch box — these 360 degree hook clips work with almost any strap or handle type, and are strong enough to carry all your on-the-go essentials.QualityThis carriage bag hook set is designed to provide lasting quality & simplify your life. Made of premium plastic and high quality velcro, these hooks are durable, resilient and reliable. With features like their 360-degree rotating design, high weight capacity & universal compatibility, this mommy hook stroller accessory set maximizes stroller space and will provide you with years of service. read more