Gentry Shuffleboard Table Made in the U.S.A. by Champion, Various Leng

Introducing The Gentry Shuffleboard Table Made in the U.S.A. by ChampionStandard Features•Solid 1.5" Canadian Maple Playfield with Polymer Finish Than Never Needs Refinishing•Lifetime Playfield WarrantyOptional Features•Lights•Custom Cradle Colors•Customize Your Logo•Score UnitHighlights•Proudly built in Richland Hills, TX USA!•Bringing quality to the Shuffleboard Industry Since 1988•# 1 Shuffleboard Manufacturer in America•Coin operated versionsty to the Shuffleboard Industry Since 1988•# 1 Shuffleboard Manufacturer in America•Coin operated versions availableIncluded With Your Purchase•Set of 8 Shuffleboard Weights•1 Can of Shuffleboard Wax•Table SweepSpecs•Playfield Size - 1.5" Thick x 16.5" Wide•Lengths Available - 9', 12', 14'•Width - 24" •Height - 30" To the Top of the Playing Field•Weight Approx 50lbs Per FootWith the quality craftsmanship that is standard with Champion Shuffleboard, the Gentry is ideal for any home or office. And like the Qualifier it ships in easy-to-construct parts allowing it to be moved or stored. The Gentry comes with a maple veneer cabinet allowing for a customized stain, and offers hand-crafted solid maple legs. Enjoy a faster paced gameChampion's second contribution was our patented "Handicap Scoring." The traditional 1-2-3 scoring remains on Champion's games along with the 1-2-3-4 Handicap system. This is great for people who enjoy a faster paced game or when a novice is playing an experienced player. The novice uses the "Handicap Scoring" while the experienced player uses the traditional scoring, resulting in a more fair and challenging game. Either way the game is played, both the player and the game owner benefit from the "Handicap Scoring." More games can be played in a shorter amount of time and as we all know, the more games played, the more money that is made.lows an unparalleled level of communication and involvement during the construction process - crucial when each board or game is custom built. The customer can choose from lengths of 9 to 14 feet and choose from a range of special stains and even add a Check out what so many people are talking about -- Champion Manufacturing."Curbside" shipping consists of the pallet being removed from the truck and dropped off curbside. "Inside" shipping includes elevators, stairs, and unpacking and are available upon request at checkout. Detailed instructions of the interior and any obstacles along the path (i.e. elevators, stairs, narrow door ways, and other obstructions) will need to be gathered and transmitted to ensure accurate delivery. read more