Chicco NaturalFit Baby Bottle Slow Flow with Bonus Straight Nipple, 0 Months+, 8 Ounce

Nestling up with baby when feeding is a beautiful bonding moment, and also how parents learn which baby bottle shape, flow and size is best for their unique little one. Whether a supplement to breastfeeding or an alternative, Chicco NaturalFit anti-colic Baby Bottles mimic breastfeeding - not only in how the nipple feels, but also in how the nipple flows.Because our BPA-free baby bottle and nipple are crafted to mother nature’s example, an astounding 96% of newbornsause our BPA-free baby bottle and nipple are crafted to mother nature’s example, an astounding 96% of newborns latch on to our innovative design immediately*. Our clinically tested baby bottles are unlike any other in that they feature an angled nipple shape with skin-like texture and a rounded base that work together to nurture a strong latch and help avoid nipple confusion.An ideal slow flow rate and dual anti-colic valves allow any air inside the bottle to escape out of the sides of the nipple, which helps prevent air intake, gas and tummy upset.Both the angled design and soft-as-mom’s-skin materials ensure a more comfortable fit in baby’s mouth. Flexors at the base of the nipple help prevent nipple collapse and allow the same natural sucking motion baby uses on the breast. The angled design also promotes an ideal feeding position and ensures the nipple stays full of milk.Our NaturalFit Baby Bottle’s wide, “no-mess” design is easy for parents to assemble, prep, fill and clean, while the ergonomic shape is easy for baby’s little hands to hold. Since our baby bottles are designed to grow with baby, our anti-colic design is available in 5 oz and 8 oz sizes perfect for newborns and breastfed babies, as well as in 11 oz sizes for 6 months+ to fit your baby’s growing appetite.Made from high-quality and durable materials, our easy-to-hold baby bottle shape and innovative angled nipples nurture a perfect latch, natural cradle hold and ideal bottle feeding position.*2016 independent home use study, 0-3 month babies read more