Cmple - Universal Adjustable DVD/Set-Top Box Silver/Black Wall Mount

Universal Adjustable AV Support DVD Wall Mount (Maximum 11 Pounds)Most modern audio-visual systems look that way - modern. Their primary function is not to be a design feature, but they end up being almost as much of your décor as your couches, tables and chairs. The contemporary appearance of today's flat screen televisions and speakers lend themselves to a specific classic and sleek look: silver and black. Unfortunately, that's where many people run into a roadblo specific classic and sleek look: silver and black. Unfortunately, that's where many people run into a roadblock. The room with their large monitor may look terrific, but they have a problem to deal with: the other components in their AV system. The TV is probably installed on a wall or sitting in an attractive, prominent spot in the room. But what do you do with the DVD player or set-top box? Unless you want it to sit completely out of place on a table or the floor, you need somewhere to put it. You could start looking for expensive and hard-to-hang glass shelving which would match the décor, or resort to an ugly wall-mounted shelf. Or you could choose Cmple's universal and adjustable DVD wall mount. This beautiful and ingenious unit will fit perfectly into a modern room, with its black-and-silver aluminum and steel construction. The two-toned back pillar simply mounts to the wall, and two adjustable black arms swing out so you can place the cable or satellite box, Blu-ray or DVD player, or other AV component right on top of the arms - meaning the arms will be hidden under the component box. Just select a spot close to your television or audio-visual control unit, attach the unit to the wall in close proximity, and you'll have an attractive yet unobtrusive "shelf" to hold your component. The arms can be adjusted to fit the height, width and depth of your component, and there's even a cable management system which lets you run all of the necessary cables together so they won't be seen hanging out from the DVD player or other equipment. read more