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Brain research has provided a tremendous opportunity to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brains innate learnin...g capacity- As educators, we can take this knowledge and apply it to the strategies we use in our classrooms- This essential resource, based on David A- Sousas best-seller How the Brain Learns, Third Edition, provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible activities-Future some of the following strategies- Graphic organizers- Mnemonic devices- Cooperative learning- Movement to enhance retention- Music to stimulate brain activity and creativity- These activities, correlated with national standards, cover all the content areas in grades K-2 and include topics such as phonics, reading fluency, computation, money, community, scientific inquiry-The more we understand how the brain learns, the more instructional options we have- This unique resource helps you make the most of the brains learning potential and transform your teaching practices to engage every student in your classroom-Features- Title - Brain-Compatible Activities, Grades K-2- Authored - David A- Sousa- Primary Author Affiliation - International Educational Consultant- Binding - Paperback- Pages - 96- Publication Date - 27-Sep-07- Primary Subject Code - Classroom Activities - CE1- Item Weight - 10 oz- Copyright Year - 2008About The AuthorDr- David A- Sousa is an international consultant in educational neuroscience and author of 15 books that suggest ways that educators and parents can translate current brain research into strategies for improving learning- A member of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, he has conducted workshops in hundreds of school districts on brain research, instructional skills, and science education at the Pre-K to 12 and university levels- He has made presentations to more than 100,000 educators at national conventions of educational organizations and to regional and local school districts across the U-S, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia- SKU: read more


Parenting Tough Kids delivers simple, proven strategies to improve the behavior, organization, learning, and emotional well-being ...of all children-Parents will find case studies and practical ideas to help youngsters improve memory and organization, complete homework and chores more easily, deal with school bullies, build emotional resilience, and create healthy friendships-Features- Sub-Title - Simple Proven Strategies to Help Kids Succeed- Authored - Mark Le Messurier- Binding - Paperback- Pages - 160- Publication Date - 23-Mar-07- Primary Subject Code - Resources for Parents - C32- Item Weight - 16 oz- Copyright year - 2007-About The AuthorMark Le Messurier is also the author of Cognitive Behavior Training A How-to Guide for Successful Behavior SKU: CRWN3231 read more