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Cookbooks for Fans: Dallas Football Outdoor Cooking and Tailgating Recipes: Cookbooks for Cowboy FANS - Barbecuing & Grilling Meat & Game (Outdoor ... ~ American Football Recipes) (Volume 3)

INCLUDES: FULL COLOR PICTURES COMPLETE INGREDIENT LISTS DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS OVER 30 TAILGATING RECIPES INSIDE INCLUDING: Grilled Shrimp Po Boy Sandwich with Farmers Market Relish Big D Sweet Vidalia Onion Bloom Grilled Baby Back Ribs in Cider BBQ Sauce Grilled Corn Salad with Poblano Peppers BBQ Blitz Chicken Wraps America's Team Burgers Romo Barbecue Bean Dip PLUS MANY, MANY MORE... Use the "LOOK INSIDE" feature on Amazon to check out the COMPLETE Table of Conten Dip PLUS MANY, MANY MORE... Use the "LOOK INSIDE" feature on Amazon to check out the COMPLETE Table of Contents for Over 30 Recipes! Featuring Quick, Easy and Delicious Tailgating Recipes For ANY Outdoor Cooking Event or Occasion Attention Cowboy Football Fans!!! Are You Ready to Kick Your Barbecuing & Grilling Skills Back Into High Gear?!? It's Time for Tailgating, American Football and Outdoor Cooking...BIG D Style! Nothing says the Season is HERE like Burgers & Sandwiches, Quick & Easy Appetizers, Poultry & Seafood, Meat & Game and Anything Else we can Get on the Grill!! There is NO Second String for these GameDay Tailgating Recipes! We're Talking FIRST AND TEN Folks! In this Cookbook you will find Incredibly Easy Tailgating Recipes for Entertaining, Special Occasions and Delicious Sports and Outdoor Cooking... Consider this your Gameday Party Planning Playbook! Recipes which were awarded the Pigskin Seal of Approval by Offensive Linemen and FAN-atics across the League... Down, Set, Hut...These recipes are Rated Easy, COMPLETE with Full Ingredient Lists and Super Simple Instructions. The only thing that could Possibly make these Tailgating Recipes any Better would be a Lombardi Trophy to put the Leftovers in!! GO COWBOYS!! read more