Spelling Time - Master 150+ Advanced Spelling Words - Animals & Instruments: Do-It-Yourself - Ages 10+ (Level C) (Fun-Schooling Books) (Volume 3)

Thinking Tree Books Ages 10+ A Fun-Schooling Spelling Book that teaches students all about instruments, music, geography, animals, creative writing, research, and vocabulary! This creative learning tool can be used to cover several subjects all at once! You can save money on books, while your child saves "desk" time by covering several required subjects in one FUN book. This is wonderful and efficient method for teaching active students who do not enjoy sitting stilne FUN book. This is wonderful and efficient method for teaching active students who do not enjoy sitting still for long periods of time. If your students enjoys travel, animals and music, this book will be a delightful addition to your homeschooling plan! SPELLING: In order for a person to learn how to spell a word correctly they must interact with the word, in context, at least seven times, in different ways, over the course of several weeks. Each spelling word is used at least seven times in this book, ensuring that the student will become very familiar with each unique spelling. We don't ask the student to memorize a list of words, we give them games to play, art to create, stories to write and knowledge to discover based on all the words on our list. The student will research 26 Animals, 26 Instruments and 26 Interesting Locations. 250 Pages. Master 150+ Advanced Spelling Words -While Exploring Art, Language Arts, Music, Science, Social Studies, Geography & Logic! Perfect for Ages 10 and up. Homeschooling Students can use this book as a Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Geography & Music Curriculum for a 180 day school year. The research questions in the book are sure to keep your child busy learning for 30 to 90 minutes per lesson. Unlike other school books, this book teaches many subjects at the same time. This method is much more interesting than the segregated subject learning used in most text books. The wide range of activities will keep the student interested and engaged in learning. The book focuses on spelling while teaching many other subjects. This book is designed to teach creative students how to master 150+ advanced spelling words.  This happens through a fun introduction to interesting animals and instruments. The Spelling Words repeat throughout the book using a variety of activities to help the student to use and remember each word. Spelling List Includes: Aardvark Accordion Amazing Argentina Belgium Brilliant California Confidant Diligent Djembe Djibouti Egypt Elephant Elijah Erhu Exceptional Fiddle Fiona France Friendly Generous Giraffe Grace Greece Guitar Hamster Harass Harmonica Heather Holland Honest Iguana Inci Indonesia Intelligent Isaac Jaguar Japan Joseph Joyful Kangaroo Kazoo Keesha Knowledgeable Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Loyal Mandolin Mischievous Monkey Mozambique Nathan Neighborly Ney Nicaragua Nutria Oboe Oman Opossum Outstanding Olivia Panda Pearl Pleasant Poland Qatar Quena Quiet Quinn Quokka Raccoon Rachel Recorder Reliable Russia Samuel Saxophone Serious Skunk Sweden Talented Tambourine Tanzania Tiger Timothy Uakari Ukraine Ukulele Understanding Uriah Valiant Victoria Vicuna Vietnam Volynka Walter Washington D.C. Washtub Wonderful Xalapa Xavier Xenophobic Xerus Xylophone Yemen Yolanda Youthful Yunluo Zealous Zebra Zimbabwe Zither Applaud Breathe Concentrate Deceive Entertain Guarantee Imagine Knock Laugh Multiply Observe Perform Rhyme Surprise Transport Unite Wandering Published by: The Thinking Tree Publishing Company, LLC Other Spelling Books Level A: Teach Your Child - 100 Words To Read, Write, Spell and Draw Fun-Schooling Spelling Journal - Ages 5 and Up Level B: The Four Seasons ~ Spelling Time ~ Master 150 Spelling Words Bible Time - Vocabulary - 100 Words: A Pocket Sized Coloring Book for Christian Students Level C: Spelling Time - Master the Top 150 Misspelled Words read more