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The Case of the Missing Eggs: An Easterville Adventure (Adventures In Easterville) (Volume 2)

ADVENTURES IN EASTERVILLE Easter Bunny & his friends live in a magical place called Easterville! Most people only think about the Easter Bunny at Easter. But Easter Bunny and his friends have adventures all year long. This exciting new series of stories for kids is lavishly illustrated with pictures on every page. Enjoy reading these stories along with your young child and laugh along with the funny antics of Easter Bunny and his friends. Easter Bunny and his friendyoung child and laugh along with the funny antics of Easter Bunny and his friends. Easter Bunny and his friends live in a place called Easterville. It is a lovely place where the weather is beautiful all the time. Except for 4 weeks in January when it’s winter! Winter is very cold and it usually snows. So Easter Bunny and his friends dress up warm, stop working, and spend all their time playing outside The Easter Bunny’s family includes Father East, Mummy Bunny, and Nigel, his brother. Along with his family are his friends Lulu, Yoyo, Frank and his brother Stanley (known to everybody as Frank n’ Stan), Winston, Wally, and Jasmine the cat. The three sisters, Irma, Gladys, and Peggy, also live in Easterville. The three sisters don’t seem to do very much but they always have an opinion about everything that happens! “The Case of the Missing Eggs” is the second book in the Adventures in Easterville series. The Easter eggs have all disappeared! A search is undertaken and the thief is caught. But he has destroyed the eggs! Without the eggs EASTERVILLE CAN NO LONGER EXIST! Is this THE END OF EASTERVILLE? You’ll have to read the book to find the answers! Visit for a complete list of Easterville adventures. Learn more about the residents of Easterville and download pictures to colour, and lots more! New adventures are added every month so check back often! read more