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Word Detective: 99 Frequently Misspelled Words

This workbook has 99 pages to help your child master 99 frequently misspelled words. Each page give students a chance to divide the word into syllables, write their own definition for the word, put the word into a sentence, practice writing the word, identify the part of speech, and draw a picture of the word. 99 frequently misspelled words: accidentally, accommodate, acknowledgement, acquaintance, advantageous, advertisement, although, approximately, arithmetic, becommodate, acknowledgement, acquaintance, advantageous, advertisement, although, approximately, arithmetic, because, bought, business, busy, chocolate, Christmas, conscientious, controversial, cough, courageous, cupboard, disappearance, does, embarrassment, enough, favorite, February, fortunately, forty, friend, genuine, goes, guarantee, guard, guess, handkerchief, happened, height, honorable, hospital, hypocrite, independent, instead, intelligence, judgment, lieutenant, minute, neither, occasionally, occurrence, often, opportunity, performance, permanent, piece, poison, politician, practice, preferred, prescription, principal, probably, quite, receipt, receive, recognize, recommend, referring, representative, responsibility, restaurant, rhythm, route, said, sandwich, satisfactory, schedule, separate, sergeant, several, sincerely, skiing, something, straight, sugar, suppose, sure, surprise, thought, through, together, tomorrow, traveling, trouble, Tuesday, until, wear, weather, Wednesday and weight. read more