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Life's Stains and Wonders Sibusiso Gama Author

Life's stains and wonders is altogether an intriguing anecdotal and poetic book series. The story unfolds intuitively with a family moving from a rural area to an urban area always alluded to as the neighbourhood in the book. They were not very much welcomed in the urban area, the rebels were chasing them back to where they came from, however, they managed to forcefully stay. Sooner or later in the neighbourhood, the narrator turned into a companion and a babysittero forcefully stay. Sooner or later in the neighbourhood, the narrator turned into a companion and a babysitter to an adolescent kid named Victor whose father was a priest known as father Johnson who was accepted to perform miracles with his prayers to God. Victor was disabled and had biological identity problems (paternity problems). Victors mother was Anna, an exceptionally exquisite, influential and a discriminating mastermind of a woman, whose life was loaded with good and bad times significantly after she got married to Johnson simply a short while after they initially met. The storyteller's family comprised of his mother who quickly settled a working association with the rebels and wound up meandering to where ever the rebel's wind was blowing, to a degree where she even went against her family. She adored the rebels. A sensible part of the family was his grandmother who was much of a visionary, adherent and loved the rain. Her spirit, considerations, and discourse were as rural as the muds inside a cattle's kraal. She could be considered the stem of the tree. In conclusion was his sister Nomalungelo who adored singing, yet singing didn't feel the same about her. One day on a Monday morning the narrator recognized a storm raging on, the streets were swept clean and his grandma was extremely happy at the anticipated occasion. Sadly, this is the day realizing the whole dramatization, blood began to paint the streets, secrets were discovered and death resulted. Life was stained and the world was left to ponder. read more