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Daniels Wood Land Monkey Mansion Outdoor Wood Tree Playhouse - MONKEY MANSION

Fun, exciting and unique tree house. Crafted from redwood, cedar, and douglas fir. House sits atop a hollowed-out recycled log. Includes swing, monkey bars, slide and much more. Available in Standard or Deluxe models. Uniquely crafted, you'll make lasting memories with your kids in the Storybook Monkey Mansion. With a tire swing, monkey bars, a seven-foot turbo slide and so much more, your kids will spend hours outside playing and using their imaginations. Perfect frbo slide and so much more, your kids will spend hours outside playing and using their imaginations. Perfect for secret tree house club meetings, picnic lunches, sleepovers, and even a date night for Mom and Dad, this tree house will be a favorite hangout for years to come. Complete with a balcony, trap door, monkey bars and more, the kids can never say they're bored again! Fun, crooked windows, a charming shake shingled roof and a cartoonish smokestack give the Monkey Mansion a whimsical, comical look that everyone will love. Features of the standard model Monkey Mansion Playhouse: Real standard hollow log - approx. 4-feet diam. Basic tree House 1 belt swing Left side 6 x 5 foot balcony Left side spiral turbo slide Left side tire swing Right side roof dormer Right side monkey bars Right side log window 4 crooked windows Rust accent package 4 x 5 foot standard clubhouse floor Clubhouse trap door Log porch Measures 27W x 11.6D x 15H feet In addition to what's listed above, the deluxe model Monkey Mansion has these extra or enhanced features: Real oversized hollow log - approx. 5-feet diam. Oversized 5 x 6 foot club house floor Oversized 6 x 6 foot balcony Rear stair case with landing 2 belt swings Measures 28W x 12D x 15H feet All of our tree houses have two main pieces: the playhouse and the log. The entrance is made from an actual, fallen old log which is hollowed out with a chainsaw and the house, which is crafted from redwood or cedar, is on top. To get in, simply enter the door on the log, climb the ladder, and go through the trap door to find yourself inside. These playhouses are an amazing addition to your landscaping whether or not you have kids! Each tree house is unique in its own way because no two logs are exactly alike. The tree houses average 15-feet tall and the logs average 4-feet in diameter, and while a bit snug, there is more than enough room for a large adult to climb inside and stand up straight. You will need to have a forklift for the day of delivery and installation. read more