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Raoul Wallenberg: Hero of Hope

Raoul Wallenberg: Hero of Hope is a uniquely told child-friendly, non-fiction story of the consummate Christian Holocaust rescuer. Mr. Wallenberg is accurately depicted as risking his life continuously to save the lives of those of another faith: the remaining Jewish men, women, and children targeted by the Nazis towards the end of World War 11, in Hungary. It is written with sensitivity towards, and respect for, the intended young readers. It presents Mr. WallenberIt is written with sensitivity towards, and respect for, the intended young readers. It presents Mr. Wallenberg’s non-violent courage and altruism as exemplars of hope and, also, to inspire and educate children of all religions and backgrounds as they are introduced to the difficult subject of the Holocaust. The book is both factually thorough and, at times, lyrical -- particularly when it describes the feelings of a child survivor to whom Mr.Wallenberg gave back the invaluable gifts of self-worth and hopefulness, as well as having saved her life.Ilene Munetz Pachman is a freelance writer and children’s book author, as well as a retired preschool and special needs teacher. Ilene’s piece A Child Survivor and Her Hero (Raoul Wallenberg) is included in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul/Stories for a Better World. Her picture book Like a Knot in My Shoelace was published by the United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education. She has also penned Chuckle- Choo! (Mirror publishing). Ilene’s work has appeared in the Washington Post, the (Philadelphia) Jewish Exponent, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Palm Beach Post etc. She was the “Motherhood” columnist for the (former Philadelphia) Jewish Times. Also, Ilene was the successful national advocate of the Raoul Wallenberg U.S. commemorative postage stamp. Her articles on Wallenberg and other Christian Holocaust rescuers have been widely published. Ilene lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, near their children and grandchildren. read more