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Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfit, Tie Dyed Baby Girl Clothes, Newborn Gown, Infant Gown, Hippie Baby Clothes, Boho Baby Outfit, Butterflys

LOVE THIS NEWBORN GOWN, BEAUTIFUL COLOR! This unique soft blend of color and butterflies is for your baby girl. This newborn gown is a brillant flow of color. This hand dyed long sleeve gown is for your beautiful baby girl to cuddle in. It is light, warm, cozy and comfortable. Made from 100% cotton. A perfect coming home outfit. Select from our assortment of color combinations or include your custom order specifications in your order notes. Are you local and want to color combinations or include your custom order specifications in your order notes. Are you local and want to pick up your order from my office? Use discount code for FREE Shipping. Discount Code: LOMPOCCA93436 Then send me a message and I will give you directions. Available in sizes 03 m, 36m. Every item starts on 100% Cotton White. The color is added by hand. The item pictured is the color TurquoisePinkPurple. Any additional colors are the unique blend that comes from the hand dying process. If you dont see a drop down color offered that you would like just message me. For understanding what color would go where you would say Purple, Blue, and Green and that would mean the Purple would be where the Turquoise is and the Blue would be where the Pink is and the Green would be where the Purple is. For the most part. Each item is hand dyed and will take on its own unique flow of color. If I can I will. Custom orders are always welcome. Orders will take a 12 week processing time once the order is confirmed. If you get creative and request a color combination that I think might not blend well I will message you with my thoughts. And of course if you would prefer one color that is possible too. Just remember the gown is white to start and the color is added by hand. Each gown is first washed and dried before the hand dying process begins. Then after the color is applied it is allowed to sit for 57 days. It helps to keep the color.The last wash, before the outfit is dried, pressed and prepared for shipment, I use Dreft Stage 1 Laundry Soap. Each unique item is made to order. Each garment is uniquely created which could result in slight variations in design from the shown picture. 8 read more