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FREE Matching Bandeau Tube will come with a each dress bought, From same size of the Dress Only, No action is required from Customers. if Another Size is needed or Extra ones needed customer needs to buy from links bellow. Our elegant Convertible dress available in 35 colors is a timeless piece that let you create Infinite Looks for any Body shape and any Event. SIZING DRESS MEASUREMENTS : One size fits most: Waist circumference from 25 inches to 42 inches Maximum sent. SIZING DRESS MEASUREMENTS : One size fits most: Waist circumference from 25 inches to 42 inches Maximum stretchiness LONG DRESS LENGTH : from Waistline to Bottom: 45 inches SHORT DRESS LENGTH : from Waistline to Bottom: 25 inches Plus size version: Waist circumference from 32 inches to 64 inches Maximum stretchiness LONG DRESS LENGTH : from Waistline to Bottom: 45 inches SHORT DRESS LENGTH : from Waistline to Bottom: 25 inches Plus Size Dress Available ALSO here : The Recommended Matching Bandeau Measurements are: Regular Size Bandeau: width 13 inches Long Bust Measurements: 28 inches circumference stretch to 40 inches circumference. Buy it here: Plus Size Bandeau: Width: 15 inches Bust Measurements: 34 inches circumference stretch to 46 inches circumference Buy it here: SEQUIN CONVERTIBLE DRESSES Available here : FABRIC: the Perfect dress starts with the right stuff, with our Premium knit blend of polyspandex a NonClingy, Wrinkle resistant, incredibly luxurious , comfortable and Machine washable fabric like ours, youve Never worn a dress so comfortable and versatile. Price: we worked hard to have a luxurious fabric with all the above features and made the most versatile and comfortable dress yet at an affordable price. dont get fooled by cheap dresses you may find elsewhere, a cheap dress means a cheap fabric and cheap sewing. DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DRESS? questions are answered in in our FAQ page : if you cannot find your answer then please contact us. For more questions about your order please see bellow then if you cant find your question feel free to get in touch with us. QUESTIONS ABOUT ALREADY PLACED ORDERS Q1: MY ORDER NOT SHIPPED YET AND MY ADDRESS IS WRONG CAN I CHANGE IT ? Before we send you the Shipping notification, All ours Clients HAVE THE POSSIBILITY to change their addresses , to change or add any items ordered with no problem, when our clients give us their new address we will not be able to change it from their info in their order receipt so they will always see the old address as their address but from our side we will ship to the provided and requested address by our clients so do not worry if you receive a shipping notification email with the old address. Q2: MY ORDER IS SHIPPED TO MY OLD ADDRESS CAN I CHANGE IT ? when we send to our clients the shipping notification it is too late to make any changes and we will not be able to stop the package from going to that address because USPS does not offer any way to do so , so when it is shipped to a wrong address, since that we did not receive any notification or request to change the address, We are not responsible for that error you will need to buy the shipping fees for us to make you a new dress and buy a new shipping label to resend the new dress we will not charge you for the new dress only the Shipping fees because they were already used in the first shipping and USPS does not refund them, to buy the shipping fees to resend the new dress please contact us. Q3: USPS RETURNED THE PACKAGE SAYING CANNOT DELIVER , WHAT SHOULD I DO ? if USPS cannot ship to you because the address is not deliverable according to their system or because the address is incorrect they do return the dress to us it takes about a week or 2 to be returned, so if you see the CANNOT DELIVERY message in your tracking number let us know so that we will make you a new dress that we will not charge you for it but you will need to pay the reshipping fees for us to be able to ship it again and please provide us with the correct Address, because USPS does not refund the first shipment fees. Q4: Can I CANCEL MY ORDER? ALL cancellation request are accepted and will be made immediately a full refund as long as no shipping notification has been sent to the client, if we receive an order cancellation after the shipping notification is sent to our clients We do apologize but we will not be able to cancel the order because it will be already on its way to your address and USPS does not offer any way to stop or return a shipment to a sender. Q5: WILL I PAY TAXES AND DUTIES IF I AM OUTSIDE OF US/CANADA ? For international Buyers please Be Aware we do mark our packages as gift so that our clients does not have to pay any extra duties and taxes but some of our clients had received Duties and Taxes bills from the customs of their country ( does not include US and Canada ) These charges vary by country and it is impossible for us to predict or calculate them. Therefore the buyers are responsible for these charges. For further information, please contact your local customs office. Q6: WHAT IS THE RETURN POLICY ? Please Read our Return Policies in Details in FAQ PAGE Q10 and in this link and click on PRIVACY POLICY : Q7: CAN I ORDER A SAMPLE DRESS TO TRY AND RETURN ? Sorry we do not offer this service , all our dresses are handmade made to the order , and we do not offer returns / exchanges as well. DRESS ALTERATION Q8: THE STRAPS ARE TOO LONG CAN I SHORTEN THEM ? the straps are around 79 inches long to wrap around a waist of women perfectly and be able to do all the different ways to wrap the dress, If the straps or the dress are too long for you , you can easily cut the excess off without damaging the material, because of the material of the fabric does not unravel and the dress is unhemmed and does not need any hemming at all. However, if you cut the straps please REMEMBER to not cut them too short because some ways to wear requires more wrapping and you will need the long straps to do them. Q9: CAN IT BE MADE LONGER OR SHORTER ( FOR PETITE/ TALL WOMENS) ? We do make ONLY 2 standard length ( we do not offer any custom Length other than what we make ) : Short about 25 inches from elastic waistband to hem. And Long about 45 inches from waistband to hem. The simple sizing structure of our dresses means no sizing alterations are required. Should you need to change the length of your dress it simply requires a straight cut with no hemming , The dress is made from a high quality Polyester Spandex material that why the bottom of the dress is rawedge, it does not require any hemming or sewing on the bottom so it is easy for our clients to alter and make any length they want they just need to take it to a professional for a professional looking cut or you can buy the customization with your dress it takes 1 to 3 weeks to make and ship , you can have it from here : For a longer Version Dress we cant make a dress longer than 45 inches , because the width of our Fabric roll cannot give a dress cut longer than 45 inches thats the maximum we can make . CAN I PICK UP MY ORDER ? Sorry we only make and sell our dresses online we dont have a place where we can meet our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we do our best to support you with any kind of issues may arise. 2017 DCD TM All design and photos are copyrighted and all rights are reserved All materials, content and forms contained within DCD images or listings, products, and materials are the intellectual property of DCD and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without Our express written permission . read more