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NEW!!! SET G! PURCHASE ALL 7 SETS, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G and save 3.00! Use coupon code DISC030 at checkout. (Any excess shipping charged will be refunded at the time of shipment.) These trinkets will include many items NOT included in the I Spy sets. IN ORDER TO BEST SERVE YOU AND MORE FULLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS, PLEASE VIEW THE DETAILS BELOW. Trinkets are sold in increments of 50 so that you may purchase one or more sets according to your budget and needs. Morere sold in increments of 50 so that you may purchase one or more sets according to your budget and needs. More sets will be added as they become available. There are NO DUPLICATES in a set OR between sets. Please follow my Facebook page for updates on when more items are available. There are many duplicates between the Teacher and Large sets, with the main difference being size only. The TEACHING sets will give you much greater diversity than the LARGE TRINKETS. At this point I foresee 400 different items in the TEACHER sets with 250 different items in the LARGE TRINKET sets. At the bottom of this page are details of what is in each set. Please DO NOT ask for substitutions. They are prepackaged, and as much as I would like to, I simply dont have the time. It will also cause problems should you order future sets. Thank you. SHIPPING COSTS: Shipping is already costly, and I do make an effort to refund your excess shipping paid. I hope this makes it easier for you as you continue to add to your growing arsenal of teaching tools. I so appreciate your business and always appreciate your comments and feedback. CONTENTS Sets include small toys, novelty beads and buttons, miniatures, cabochons, charms and pendants. FUN, COLORFUL, AND EASILY RECOGNIZABLE! TOP QUALITY TRINKETS made of acrylic, plastic, resin, PVC, wood, or metal. We DO NOT add ordinary round sewing buttons or beads as fillers. Trinkets are 1/2 up to 2, many just a bit larger than the I Spy trinkets. We try very hard to get all items as close to 1 as is possible. NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 3 without adult supervision. INCLUDED IN EACH SET... SET A: acorn, airplane, baby bottle, badge (Marshall), balloon, bananas, baseball, bee, camel, camera, candy, cat, cookie, cowboy hat, cradle, deer, dice, egg (fried), fan, feather, fingernail polish, genie lamp, ghost, hammer, hand, ice cream, jack, ladybug, lamb, man, mirror, mitten, nest, octopus, parrot, paw, peanut, pompom, rainbow, sailboat, Santa, saw, scissors, seahorse, seal, teapot, tiger, umbrella, Valentine heart, zebra SET B: alien, anchor, baby, badge (Sheriff), basketball, bat (animal), bell pepper, bib, bicycle, chain, chair, cherries, chick, chili pepper, clam shell, dime, dinosaur, dog, eggplant, fish bones, flag (U.S.), flipflop, gift, gingerbread man, hanger, hat (girls), hat (top hat), Jackolantern, leaf, lemon or lime, moon, motorcycle, mouse, nickel, ninja, peas, pencil, penguin, penny, robot, seashell (conch), slipper, snail, snowflake, snowman, sweater, tire, toothpaste, tooth, watermelon SET C: angel, ant, binoculars, birdhouse, boat, boot, bow, bowling pin, candy bar, clothespin, cloud, clover, comb, corn, dolphin, doughnut, dove, Eiffel tower, flower, fly, foot, giraffe, girl, heart, helm, high heel, jewel, jingle bell, lightning, monkey, mug, mushroom, music note, orange, perfume bottle, pig, pineapple, princess, roller skate, soccer ball, space shuttle, spanner wrench, spider, spool, squirrel, train, tree, whale, witch, xylophone SET D: apple, arrow, baseball bat, bear, boy, baguette, broom, bunny, bus, butterfly, cow, cowboy boot, crown, cupcake, dragonfly, dress, duck, elephant, football, French fries, frog, glasses, globe, grapes, horse, horseshoe, house, key, lips, lock, lollipop, mustache, owl, pumpkin, purse, quarter, rolling pin, ruler, star, starfish, stocking (Christmas), strawberry, stroller, sun, sword, tree (Christmas), tricycle, truck, turtle, violin SET E: bone, cake, candy cane, car, Christmas light, clock, crab, cracker, chameleon, domino, Easter egg, eye, fire engine, fish, fork, fox, frying pan, guitar, hamburger, ibex, ice skate, jellyfish, kangaroo, lion, lobster, meerkat, mermaid, needle, ornament, pacifier, palm tree, pliers, rat, red panda, reindeer, rhinoceros, ring, rocking horse, safety pin, snake, sneaker, spider web, swan, tomato, treble clef, unicorn, waffle, watering can, windmill, yak SET F: alligator, ax or hatchet, baseball cap, basket, bells, branch, brick, brush, carrot, castle, clown, coil, coin, cuckoo clock, dog house, dump truck, emu, goblet, golf club, golf ball, gorilla, grapefruit, handcuffs, hedgehog, kiwi, lantern, M M, measuring cup, minion, muffin pan, No pendant, pirate ship, planet, plate, queen, question mark, rocket, screwdriver, spaceship, spatula, spoon, submarine, tennis ball, thread, trumpet, wand, wishing well, wrench, yarn, Yes SET G: (This set includes a few larger items.) arrowhead, baby booty, baby rattle, beach ball, beaver, bed, beetle, block, bread loaf, bride n broom, bucket/pail, cabinet, cactus, cinnamon roll, cookie cutter, cork, donkey, elf, exclamation mark, flamingo, flower pot, frame, gear, grub, helicopter, hen, ladder, microscope, monster, orca, palm tree, pie, pretzel, raccoon, ribbon, rooster, rope, rose, scorpion, sea lion, sewing machine, shark, shirt, shovel, skeleton, skull, sugar cube, tractor, vampire teeth, wings PLEASE NOTE: We have tried very hard not to do it, but we have finally had to raise our prices. We know that prices are going up everywhere, and we didnt want to be on that bandwagon. However, along with Etsy having raised their fees, we are finding it progressively more difficult to find the items we have given you in the past. In addition, we are having several of our trinkets specially made, so you are truly receiving items that you will not be able to find anywhere else. We appreciate your support, and we will continue to give you the best prices and the best service possible. We love children and are honored to have a small part in being able to make learning fun! read more