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Full size loft bed WITH Stairs PAYMENT PLAN 4 payments of 400 see description

This listing is for the payment plan on the Full Loft Bed. There will be 4 equal payments of 400.00 due byweekly. Includes Shipping!! By making this purchase you agree to payment terms as discussed above, 400.00 due now, and 3 more payments will be due on the discussed schedule. Failure to make payments could delay the build time and shipping. If no payment is received in 30 days then you will forfeit what you have paid down and the bed will be resold. If you have ais received in 30 days then you will forfeit what you have paid down and the bed will be resold. If you have an issue with the payments please contact me and let me know we may be able to work something out. Who doesnt love a loft bed this simple and cute. The stairs are the highlight of the bed and make it easy to access the bed. This listing is for a Full size loft bed that will be sturdy enough to support a mattress of that size. Below is more of a description of the process. ..: Color :.. Color is completely up to you! If you have a specific color in mind you can go to one of the big box stores and pick a paint or stain color and send me the name and number of the color along with what brand you chose. Then I can match the color exact. For stain color choices... ..: Order :.. When you have officially decided you are ready to own one of these you can go ahead and place your order through etsy. In the seller notes please include the color you are thinking along with a phone number for delivery purposes. Then head over to facebook and like my page to follow along ..: The Build :.. Each bed is custom built when ordered. I had pick the materials to ensure quality for you. Once the materials arrive in the shop, I cut and sand the wood to make it nice and smooth with no slivers. After sanding then the bed is stained or painted in your choice of color. Then I assemble the pieces to create the headboard, foot board, 2 side rails, the platform, stairs and bed slats. ..: Shipping :.. The bed is shipped in large pieces, headboard, foot board, 2 side rails, platform, stairs and bed slats. I utilize a company based here in Wisconsin who I trust. Your product is handled with care and delivered to your home safely. ..: Assembly :.. This bed couldnt get any easier to assemble. You literally will have to tighten 12 bolts and secure the bed slats! I do send along instructions and all the hardware you will need. You will need a drill and a wrench, and an extra person will help tremendously but you can also do it on your own, I do! Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to working with you. With every online sale I have committed to planting a pine tree to help replenish the forest product used to create your furniture! Amanda Please Note I pride myself as an artist creating a work of art, just because my items dont fit on canvas or in a frame its still art. With that being said, I reserve the right to make alterations to the design as I see fit. If the alteration effects the overall look I will contact the buyer. This listing is for a new bed, not the one pictured. A picture of your item will be sent to you before it ships. I love what is do and make it show in my work. That being said, wood can be tricky! Please be aware before ordering that each item can vary in color, some wood can take stain differently that others, that is what makes it unique and one of a kind! I spend a good amount of time looking for wood with character and charm, which are the boards that have knots and holes and a beautiful wood grain, which makes it even more unique. Wood also has a mind of its own, it different weather, wood can crack, warp, shrink or twist. There is actually a technical name for this seasonal movement and in my opinion this adds to the character of the product and gives it a more rustic look. I do take every precaution to buy lumber that wont warp, crack, or shrink but it still can be a possibility after all wood is an organic product and does have a mind of its own. Please be advised, furniture takes time to build and I may be working on other projects as well (not to mention homeschooling my daughter) The estimated time of shipment is just that, an estimate! It may take more or less time to complete your product, either way I will keep you updated. read more