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CUSTOM REQUEST: Last Piece of the Puzzle is your one stop shop for the perfect gift giving toy that you can customize from start to finish. Through trial and error, we believe we have mastered the art of making the perfect puzzle for the little one in your life. Lasercut and hand painted with acrylic paints each and every piece that goes into our puzzles is created with loving care and attention from top of the line Baltic birch plywood, not your cheap construction created with loving care and attention from top of the line Baltic birch plywood, not your cheap construction grade plywood that is sold at your local hardware store. We buy our wood from a hardwood supplier. Your puzzle will be durable and will last for years to come. We do not shrink the letters of our puzzles to fit the wood we are cutting. Instead we expand the wood to fit the name. Each puzzle is created approximately 4 inches tall. The length of the board depends on how many letters and ranges from 8 inches long to 24 inches long. All of our puzzles start out as raised faced puzzles. Each puzzle piece is raised 1/8 inch above the backboard, allowing for easy removal of the pieces. We also offer several ways to customize your puzzle allowing you to create a truly one of a kind puzzle for the little one in your life. PAINTED BACKGROUND: Many people have asked us to offer our puzzles with a painted background. Allow them to use the puzzle as a color teaching/matching game as well as a name puzzle. If you would like to add a painted background to your puzzle click here. ENGRAVED CHARACTER BACKGROUND: An engraved background can offer a lovely addition to your puzzle. When your child lifts up his/her character puzzle piece, they will see the unpainted image in the background. A great guide to help with piece placement. You can use these engraved backgrounds and the puzzle pieces to create and play a character matching game on our theme puzzles. For engraved character backgrounds click here. CUSTOM ENGRAVED MESSAGE: You can add on a customized personal engraving to the backside of the gift you have ordered. UPPER AND LOWERCASE LETTERS: We are often asked about puzzle with upper and lowercase letters. When someone is requesting upper and lower case, we use our Jumbo font as seen here. Name Puzzle Stools: We often get messages from you asking us to create our puzzles into stools. Until now we have not had the means to implement that. We are now proud to announce we offer all of our puzzle tale designs in a puzzle stool. You can see all of our puzzle stools here. REPLACEMENT PIECES: We offer replacement pieces for all of our puzzles. If you are here because you already have one of our puzzles and you really dont want to throw it away because your pooch made one letter or character a chew toy, then we can help. And guarantee we can remake your piece. Click here for replacement pieces. GIFT WRAPPING Gift wrapping is now available for all of our orders. To purchase gift wrapping click on this link. BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS: We do offer bulk order discounts and reduced shipping for larger orders. The amount of your discount depends on the size of your order. The more you order the more you can save on shipping as well. So send us a message tell us what you want to order including the names you need and I will give you a price. If you are the leader of a coop or large online community, we are happy to set up a sale with wholesale pricing for our raised face styles only. HOW TO ORDER: When placing your order please put the name/word you would like this puzzle to have in the comments of your payment. The best way to enter your name in the comments. If after placing your order, you realize you have not given us a name, send us a message. Not putting the name in comments may cause your unique gift to be delayed because these are made to order, and we cannot begin making your puzzle without the name SHIPPING PLEASE READ SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR CURRENT SHIPPING TIMES. We have different shipping times depending on the time of year. Our normal shipping time is 23 weeks. However, between the end of November and up through the holidays they expand to 46 weeks until early February. So if Christmas is what is in your mind order now and save yourself from the rush because puzzles that are not ordered by the end of day Cyber Monday will not be guaranteed Christmas delivery. We now offer a rush order option if you need your order quickly purchase our rush order option here. In very busy times and during the holidays, this option could be discontinued. POPULAR USES: These puzzles are popular among people looking for gift giving ideas from many occasions such as: first, second, third fourth birthday gifts, first Christmas present, baby shower puzzle, babys baptism, bedroom decoration, first educational toy, valentines day, Easter gift. They are also popular with those that would like to give their child a head start in learn to spell their name. Follow us on facebook read more