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Carnival Circus Birthday Centerpieces Girl Baby Shower Guests Party Decor Birthday Or Set Of 6

Carnival Circus Birthday Centerpieces Circus Girl Carnival Baby Shower Guests Circus Carnival Party Decor birthday or Baby Shower SET OF 6 ¸¸.•´¯' FREE SHIPPING STOREWIDE (in the US)¸¸.•´¯' This listing is to purchase all the centerpieces pictured! With your purchase, you will receive the following…
 1 Circus Elephant 1 Circus Seal 1 Circus Monkey 1 Girl Ring Master 1 Circus Lion 1 Tent IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE CENTERPIECES INDIVIDUALLY, YOU MAY DO SO HERE…. htg Master 1 Circus Lion 1 Tent IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE CENTERPIECES INDIVIDUALLY, YOU MAY DO SO HERE…. MATCHING ITEMS MAY BE FOUND HERE.... ITEMS THAT CAN BE MADE WITH THIS THEME… Centerpieces Napkin Holders Cupcake Stand Candy Jars Popcorn Bins Apothecary Jars Lollipop Stand Cakepop Stand Favor Boxes CAN BE MADE in ANY THEME. SEND ME A MESSAGE TO GET YOUR THEME! IMAGE & STICK ONLY Are you interested in purchasing only the stick & image?? You may do so with this link... SINGLE SIDED OPTION You will receive the image on one side. The back side will be painted the same color as the wooden stick, to give it a professional finish. This option is used when centerpieces are often used on cake tables, gift tables, buffet tables, room decor. No need to purchase double sided view for these uses. DOUBLE SIDED OPTION (view last image with cute wolf centerpiece to view this finish) You will receive the image(s) on both sides. This option gives you two individual images. They are mirror images, put back to back on one wooden dowel, just like the single sided option. This option is used when centerpieces are used on guest tables, so all your guests can view the image. ~~FULLY ASSEMBLED WITH TISSUE PAPER & RIBBON INCLUDED~~ Centerpieces are not a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit! They are fully assembled & decorated as pictured! When you receive your package, all you have to do is remove from box & they are ready to be displayed. Saving you time & money. No need to buy additional items to make them look like my picture. ~~FULLY ASSEMBLED WITH TISSUE PAPER & RIBBON INCLUDED~~ These centerpieces are completely handcrafted. They are ready to be displayed when you open the box. Matching ribbon is attached around the base, & decorated with tissue paper! Previous customers have used the bases to hold party items. Many of them have used the space to put their cutlery, napkins, or small wrapped treats! CENTERPIECES ARE 18" TALL (except when centerpiece is done horizontally, they will vary between 15-16" tall) You can use them in the following ways… Guest Table Centerpiece Food Court Table Candy Buffet Gift Table Entrance Table They look super cute, stand out, make a statement, one of a kind. These items are not found at party stores! They are unique & will be the talk of the party! I guarantee your guests will want to take them read more