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Set of 12 9 inch wood rounds, baby shower decor, wood slices wedding centerpieces, wood slice decor, arts and crafts, rustic baby shower!

Purchase of this listing includes a set of (12) 89 inch wood slices cut 1 thick! Heres what you can expect with your order and what sets us apart when it comes to our wood slices: Our tree slices are never handcut with chain saws. Instead, theyre cut level with professional equipment. This ensures that your decorations always stand level on top of your wood rounds and look perfect for your wedding or special event! These dont have to have polyurethane or another searounds and look perfect for your wedding or special event! These dont have to have polyurethane or another sealant applied after arrival like other natural wood slices. They only need to finish their drying process and instructions are included in the box! Beautiful bark is part of what makes a wood slice look amazing. We guarantee great looking bark and for the bark to be all the way around the slices! We dont cut hardwoods like Oak, Hickory, and others. Theyre very bad about cracking and splitting so we only use softwood trees that are much easier to dry without splitting! We have a tree farm that were able to cut wood off of. This allows us to pick out the absolute best wood for our customers, each and every week. We always aim for round wood with beautiful bark! We make sure to package your wood slices in heavy duty boxes with a lot of bubble wrap to protect your wood rounds in transit. 5Star reviews that prove our excellence and give you the confidence you need for your big day. Notes, please read: Upon arrival, your wood rounds will have the saw marks remaining on the wood which gives the wood an incredible rustic look! If you want to remove the saw marks, simply sand the slices smooth with an electric sander and 40 coarse sandpaper after the slices finish drying! Please open the box immediately after your order arrives and let the wood slices finish their drying process. This is very important! We send full instructions regarding how to finish drying the slices and when done properly, your wood slices wont crack or split!! Natural wood slices are perishable if the instructions arent followed properly so follow the instructions closely and your wood slices will last for decades of reuse! Its important to dry them out immediately upon arrival so they wont have any mold try to grow on them! We dont do any returns or refunds for these beautiful wood slices as once they leave our hands theyre completely out of our control. Some of the pictures you see in the photos are of wood slices that I have sanded here at the shop. I do however leave these wood slices with the saw marks remaining on the wood as it adds to the rustic nature of the wood rounds and allows you to use them however you like! Please message me if you have any questions at all and Ill be glad to assist you!! Please note We do not ship slices over 12 in diameter to Hawaii, Alaska, FPO, or APO boxes. Only the lower 48 states. Our 12 slices and smaller can be though! read more