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Beautiful natural care for postpartum, postnatal, mom and menstrual relief. Postpartum Bengkung Belly Bind Set: ( bind belly oil) tone, tighten and rejuvenate, postpartum tummy, torso and pelvic floor. Premium unbleached natural cotton muslin, slightly heavier and higher thread count then majority of muslins. One continuos piece of fabric 9 frayed or 8 sewn Pair up your favorite hand dyed Bengkung Belly wrap with our deeply nourishing, fragrance free, Organic BeautiPair up your favorite hand dyed Bengkung Belly wrap with our deeply nourishing, fragrance free, Organic Beautiful Belly Oil. Soothe and recondition the postpartum abdomen. Brightens skin and reduces appearance of stretch marks/scars. A proactive belly oil that penetrates deeply and effortlessly into your skin, leaving no trace of oil to soil garments. Balances and detoxes water/ fat retention while boosting cellular turnover and collagen production. Rich in assorted vitamins, minerals and omegas crucial in regaining tone and elasticity for your beautiful belly. Its main ingredient is not your common inexpensive carrier oil like coconut oil or shea butter. We start with a cold pressed organic camellia seed oil, (known as the gieshas secret), and go deeper and deeper to build a exquisite oil high in the healing vitamins A, B6, C, E and K and rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, ( the building blocks for skin rejuvenation and elasticity) All of our oils are organic cold pressed. If you do wish to add this to a carrier oil we suggest a cold pressed organic grape seed oil. We do not use essential oils ( EO) in our oil blend due to the harm it may cause to your newborn. Being a certified aromatherapist my training gives a very strict dilution ratio for infants and it is advised not to use any EOs prior to three months of age. Due to the close proximity of the nursing infant to the mothers torso, we omit all EOs and concentrate on highly active oils that are entirely safe for you and your baby. Made personally by Katherine Carolyn. Licensed Wholistic Aesthetician (skincare professional) and Certified Aromatherapist. Oil Blend: camellia seed, ootanga seed, castor, morracan argan, hazelnut, rosehip seed. delivered in a beautiful blue glass bottle with cosmetic grade pump for ease and convenience. SPECIFICS ON INDIVIDUAL OILS LISTED BELOW OUR BENGKUNG WRAP INFO Add our traditional organic Ayurvedic Spice mask for an occasional deeper detox and toning treatment WHY OIL AND NOT A BALM Natural and organic oils are best extracted by the method of coldpressing. This keeps the oil true to its full nourishing benefits and qualities. To produce a balm heat is required and an element that will solidify the oil when in warmer temperatures (this is typically a beeswax or chemical substitute.) Heating natural raw ingredients breaks their molecular structure and decreases their benefits, even if heated slowly it is the temp that breaks the molecular structure. Think of cooking a string bean. Even if cooked slowly, it is still cooked and has less nutrients then a fresh string bean. Heating oils to produce them into a balm can have the same affect. When an oil is even warmed, it shortens the shelf life of that oil. A cold pressed organic oil is the most stable. You dont have to be stirring it, or refrigerating it to get it back to its proper consistency. It is ready to go, and especially easy to apply with the convenient cosmetic pump top. Our organic blend of oils have been carefully chosen for their fast deep absorption and their highly beneficial properties to tone and rejuvenate the skin. It is best to use our oil after a shower for the oil will actually push the moisture deeper into your tissue. We do not use cheap fillers, they are high quality with exceptional nourishing and healing properties. Balms are great for small areas that are extremely damaged like elbows, knees and feet plus wonderful while you are pregnant and growing but you really dont want the heaviness of a waxy balm all over your postpartum belly all day when you are trying to detox and you might also have a few tummy folds where that heavy balm will gather. A higher quality oil that penetrates deeply into the skin, will not stain your clothing and will nourish your belly all day long. Simply use in the morning and night. BAREFOOT MOMMAS BENGKUNG BINDS Frayed 9 Sewn 8 Postpartum belly binding utilizing the traditional Malaysian form of the Bengkung belly bind, to support the woman in her postpartum fourth trimester. The Bengkung belly wrap encourages the body to reconnect: bringing the hips, ribs, and abdominal walls back together while supporting the back and reconditioning the pelvic floor. On a heart and soul level it is a good, deep, comforting hug. An original concept and design of THE BAREFOOT MOMMA is our Bengkung wraps with the accented twist. We feel the splash of vertical color is fun and slimming.We originally created the natural cream accented twist back in 2016. From there we have gone on to continually create new dynamic bengkung twists, many one of a kind and custom designs. Our bengkung binds are created in small batches using a cold water eco friendly dying technique. All of these binds are one continuous piece of fabric. We offer seasonal solid color collections and our special artisan created ice dyed binds. Our ice dye binds are individually dyed, truly unique and beautiful. They are the only ones of their kind on the market. The unique dying technique renders a truly exquisite fabric you will want to hold on to and up cycle into other treasures. Though I try very hard to match accurate color to my monitor, colors may vary due to the differences in computers and the nature of hand dyeing. Ice Dyed Collection Seasonal Solid Color Collection TUTORIALS HOW TO BIND Facebook LIVE STREAM MONTHLY CLASS Dont miss our free live stream monthly demonstrations for you to ask questions and receive support in your binding journey: I am always sharing little tricks and tips and trying to address personal concerns for you. I know it is nearly impossible to schedule anything with a newborn but if you register to attend, you can watch at your leisure. Let me know before hand in a message what you are having difficulty with and I will address it. I am now posting helpful informative live videos weekly on a variety of topics in relation to bengkung binding and our organic products for the postpartum (fourth trimester). This is my chance and way to share some tips and tea with you. I hope you will pop in for a visit. I also have many short informative videos addressing common questions in regards to Bengkung binding. Please give the FB page a like. It is a great support and really helps us to reach more mommas to help them. FABRIC The cotton we have chosen is a beautiful premium grade unbleached muslin,being a bit heavier then the average muslin and slightly higher thread count. It is a fabric that is a favorite for textile artists. It is very strong yet has a soft drape. DYE We only use cold water procion dyes using eco friendly dyeing techniques. Procion dyes are the chosen dye of the textile industry for they will not fade. They contain no hazards to you or your baby. It is the most common utilized dye on organic clothing due to the minimal processing and safety of the dye. We wash all binds with a professional eco friendly fragrance free detergent designed for hand dyed garments. They are washed several times but we recommend washing them separately for ease of washing and to remove any last traces of dye that might temporally remain. EDGES. The FRAY bind provides more flex and ease in the binding. Many women are drawn to the natural beauty of the frayed look. Our fray bind is not a raw edge, but frayed properly to stabilize the fabric as much as possible. Because the fray edge is not reinforced or stabilized the treads always has the tendency to ease open abit. Because of this we recommend a sewn bind to aid Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation). The beauty of the bengkung bind is that it wraps to fit your personal body, not your body trying to fit into a premade wrap,(crucial for me having curvature of the spine). The success of the bengkung binding relies upon your wrapping technique to create a consistent uniform pressure where it is needed (again check out our Facebook support page on more about proper wrapping technique.) The most stabilized consistent fabric is a sewn edge. With a fray the outer edges will always give a bit and be looser then the middle of the band. This can cause the fabric edge to roll, and continue to open or fray. What helps is how you bind. You want to overlap each layer rising at the most two finger widths. We tell our buyers to actually double the first layer to create the most stable first level, crucial for the pelvic floor support. With a fray having the correct overlap it will help a bit to stabilize that open edge but it still will open and give some, creating a bind with more flex then a sewn. For some this is a preferred option. With a fray bind you can easily tear the bind to the length you need. The SEWN BIND is a turned smooth overlock edge having a professional finish, low profile and commonly used as the finishing edge on linens. It lays smoothly along the contours of the body and does not bite in. A flat wider overlock edge has small loops, sometimes quite large loops that can snag, be broken and cause the sewn edge to unravel. You commonly dont see this stitch being used on the outside of garments for this reason. Having a sewn edge is more helpful when adjusting your bind and easier to wash in the machine. Our sewn binds are custom sewn to the length that would best fit you. Our sewing fee is 16.00. We have included a sizing chart to help you but please reach out and consult us. Sizing charts are general . We have a video tutorial on our Facebook page instructing how to measure. We often sew lengths for our customers inbetween what is stated on chart so please please please consult us. We want it to be perfect. WASHING Machine wash separately in cool or cold water on a gentle cycle. Line dry. When washing and drying a fray bind a few loose threads will come off. These are easy to pull or cut off. We have found draping the bind in large loops over the shower rod or clothes line works best for drying. For comfort and convenience we recommend wearing your bind over a tank top, not against your skin. The wrap doesnt require to be washed frequently and if a small staining occurs due to baby, tea, whatever..... spot clean if possible. Size question? Please reach out. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Ships very quickly priority mail.. BEAUTIFUL BELLY OIL To soothe and recondition the postpartum abdomen. Soft botanical scent Brightens skin and reduces appearance of stretch marks/scars. Highly effective, deeply rejuvenating, luxury oils A proactive belly oil that penetrates deeply and effortlessly into your skin, leaving no trace of oil to soil garments. Balances and detoxes water/ fat retention while boosting cellular turnover and collagen production. Rich in assorted vitamins, minerals and omegas crucial in regaining tone and elasticity for your beautiful belly. My mother is a licensed Holistic Aesthetician and has worked professionally with carrier oils and essential oils for years. I am a certified Aromatherapist and certified Postpartum Doula. We purposely left out essential oils from this blend due to possible reactions with essential oils and more and more people have sensitivities to fragrances, even of organic essential oil. There is also controversy concerning many essential oils in use around an infant before the age of three months. So here at Barefoot Momma, we decided to bring you products we knew would be safe for you and your baby. All our organic body care products are made in small batches, dated and kept in fridge. That said, you should always do a patch test for reactions prior to using any body care product, (ours included). Beautiful Belly oil was designed to be used as a tummy toning mask treatment with or without our Traditional Organic Ayurvedic Spice Belly Mask or our detoxing Organic Clay Seaweed Belly Mask. 2oz bottle of Beautiful Belly oil will provide 2040 yummy tummy toning rubs. Average application is 46 pumps to slightly wet hands dispersed over entire abdomen area.. It is best to apply after shower. NO FILLERS AKA NO BODY BUTTERS, CHEMICALS OR PRESERVATIVES I love body butters and lotions but I need oils when my skin is damaged, fragile, and needing a deeper nourishment. Body oil mimics the natural oils of your body allowing your body to more easily absorb them, leaving a light supple feel to the skin. A body butter is much thicker, coating the skin. Personally I only use oil during pregnancy, postpartum, and on my child. BLUE GLASS COSMETIC BOTTLE Oils are best kept in dark glass bottles. We believe in the special and want to provide our oil in a reusable, beautiful blue glass pump top cosmetic grade bottle. We package our oil appropriate for mailing to assure the bottle arrives safely to your home with no leaking. Being 2 oz, you can easily travel with the oil and use the bottle in the future for another oil or cream. BEAUTIFUL BELLY OIL CONTENT PROFILE: CAMELLIA SEED Tea Seed Oil, Camellia Sinesis, or Oleifera Vitamin E, Polyphenols, Squalene, Omega3, 6, and 9 Known as Geishas beauty secret Helps condition skin, cool inflammation, perfect for allergy prone skin, commonly used to help scalp and scars. Quick absorbtion. OOTANGA SEED Kalahari Oil or Watermelon seed oil ( Africa ) Citrullus Vulgaris Omega 6, Omega 9 Lycopene, Magnesium Dissolves excess sebum, Hydrating, Penetrating, Regenerative, Non Greasy, Does not clog pores , used for all skin types, especially wonderful for babies. Quick absorbtion. CASTOR BEAN Castor Ricinus Communis Vitamin E Healing, Protective Properties, GREAT for Nursing Mothers to heal damaged, inflamed skin and dry nipples Known to penetrate deeply into dermis to regenerate, tighten and tone skin, Reduces inflammation, pigmentation and scars , Stimulates lymph movement, relieves pain and is antibacterial. MORRACAN ARGAN Argania Spinosa Squalene, Tocopherols Vitamin E, Carotenes, Phenols Hydrating, Quickly Absorbs, Emollient, Dissolves Excess Sebum, Stretch Marks, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Solar Keratosis, Hyperpigmentation, Scalp Care Sun damage, Scars, HAZELNUT Corylus Avellana Ideal for hypersensitive skin High in vitamin B6 E, Polyphenols, Protein, EFA, calcium. potassium and magnesium Moisturizing, Emollient, Regenerative, Astringent, Soothing, Tones Stimulates Skin Circulation, Strengthens Skin Capillaries ROSEHIP SEED Rosa Canina Vitamin A, C, K Regenerative, AntiInflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Scars Damaged Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis Deep absorption due to vitamin A content Extremely high in vitamin C and rich source of essential fatty acid to regenerate skin cells. Known to lessen scars and stretch marks The BAREFOOT MOMMAS We are a mother daughter team. My mother, first and foremost...a single mother I deeply respect and love. She is a licensed holistic aesthetician, (natural skincare professional), a retired certified holistic health practitioner and instructor, seamstress, fiber artist and lover of color. I am a licensed K12 art teacher and since becoming a mother, I hold certification as a postpartum doula, aromatherapist, infant/ adolescent yoga instructor plus Sacred Pregnancy Bengkung wrap artist. I have wonderfully active little boys. My eldest is 3.5 and his younger brother is 6 months old and already trying to be just like his big brother. Every aspect of our store and products are created by us. Delivering top quality products for mommas and their babies are very important to us, right down to every detail and stitch. We care deeply to support you in this time and want our products to not only support you, but be very special. Whatever small part we can provide for you at this special time, is an honor. All our binds are gift quality ready, coming wrapped with a personal note. Be it for yourself or a another, our products are created with respect and gratitude. Thanks for visiting! Carolyn and Katherine read more