European Body Art

Encore Palette, Neill Gorton - Flesh Edition

WHAT’S INCLUDED• 10 Encore Neill Gorton FLESH Edition Colors: C2, C4, W3, W5, W9, Mauve, Burnt Sienna, Prime Red, Prime Yellow, Charcoal• Encore signature fully customizable magnetic case holding 10 individual colors• Built-In white mixing surface• InstructionsBy building off of the reputation of its liquid predecessor, Endura, Encore Alcohol Palettes provide unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and realistic results. The Encore Palettes feature an innovativee unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and realistic results. The Encore Palettes feature an innovative magnetic case.  The magnetic platform allows makeup artists to rearrange and replace individual colors easily based on their project or job, a breakthrough design in the special effects makeup industry. Each refill is dry and ready to use allowing artists to stock up on popular colors or quickly restock a color when needed. Additionally, each color pan consists of a lower profile border allowing an easy entry when using wider brushes and sponges.ENCORE APPLICATION:• Flesh reproduction • Film and prosthetics makeup • Waterproof tattoo cover up• Skin concealing• Underwater commercials• Stage and performance makeupENCORE ADVANTAGE:• Fully customizable magnetic case• Convenient restocking of individual colors• Water, sweat and transfer proof makeup• Realistic natural finish • Micronized HD pigments• Dries instantly • Designed for brush or sponge application• Easily Removable with VAPORE or UNVEIL• Made in the USA by EBA• Exclusive formulation • FDA approved ingredientsSUGGESTED OPTIONS (not included)• Encore Work Station• Fuel Activator• Matching Endura airbrush liquid colors• EBA setting powderEncore palettes can be activated by 99% alcohol or by EBA’s Fuel Activator. Encore alcohol based makeup is made in the USA at European Body Art facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements and EBA’s proprietary formulas. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA. read more