Fantasy Fields

Fantasy Fields Transportation Toy Chest - W-9940A

Medium density fiberwood illustrated toy chest. Hand-painted, hand-carved. Appropriate for all ages, both boys and girls. Cutout handles for easy portability. Dimensions: 32.5L x 15.5W x 26.75H inches. With a choo-choo and a vrooooom, kids will love putting their toys away in the Teamson Design Transportation Toy Chest. The sturdy, high-quality toy chest includes delightful educational illustrations of different types of transportation: a car, truck, train, and evenludes delightful educational illustrations of different types of transportation: a car, truck, train, and even a helicopter. There's a hand-carved back and sides that turn the toy chest into a handy bench where children can sit to read or put on their shoes. Place a chair in front of the chest, and the seat becomes a table for snacks or activities. Cut-out handles make the chest easy for mom and dad to slide into place, and the hinged lid won't nip little fingers, because the front edge includes a long cutaway slot. This chest is part of a coordinating set. Appropriate for all ages. Some assembly required. Don't forget the stuffed animals in the corner and the ball that rolled into the closet. This is a wonderful and amazing place to gather up all your little's ones treasures.The Benefits of MDF/Engineered WoodMDF is made of wood fibers and is highly compressed with adhesive. It's denser than particle board, and the surface is very smooth. MDF board is extremely strong and resistant to warping, and it's easy to cut, drill, and machine. It is used in the manufacture of furniture and accessories for schools, homes and offices. MDF is so strong that it's included in the construction of desks, high quality marker boards, work surfaces, pillars, and other products. MDF often is covered by laminates or veneers. It provides a sturdy substrate that supports the surface material and increases its longevity. MDF can be painted, stained, and/or grain-stamped to look like hard woods. Best of all, MDF saves money and can be good for the environment. By using recovered wood fiber, MDF contributes to reducing landfills, slowing deforestation and preserving habitats. Overall, MDF is an excellent value and a fine furniture material.About Teamson DesignBased in Edgewoood, N.Y., Teamson Design Corporation is a wholesale gift and furniture company that specializes in handmade and hand-painted kid-themed furniture collections and occasional home accents. In business since 1997, Teamson continues to inspire homes with creative and colorful furniture. read more