Fem By Design

Lesbian Anniversary Gift, Girl Couple Gift, Lesbian Wedding Gift, Rainbow Art, Melted Crayon Art, In The Rain Painting 16x20"

Each melted crayon art painting that I create is made with love and is absolutely one of a kind. These make a great present for a wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion that you need a really special gift for. I designed a silhouette of a girl couple holding hands, sharing an umbrella, symbolizing the strength of their love. My designs are made into vinyl decals, which are placed into all my scenes. I spend hours in my steamy garage in Florida dripping hot wainyl decals, which are placed into all my scenes. I spend hours in my steamy garage in Florida dripping hot wax onto the canvas, to create the rain effects. It is kind of a dangerous job! Then in the final production I carefully remove the covering with a hot blade, as to not disturb the wax. I carefully trim any excess wax from the edges of the canvas and do any last minute tweaks that are needed. Signed on the side. ***This art has not been made yet, this is a listing for a custom painting. Please allow up to a week for me to make the painting, and an additional 2-4 days for shipping within the U.S. EVERY painting is completely unique, the color hues may slightly differ, but will be made as closely as possible to the pictures.*** Want to add a couple's names and/or wedding date? Customize it! In the drop down menus, please include the names or text, and the wedding dates you would like. I will make creative decisions about the sizing and fonts of the text. I can also add handpainted blue skies or black grass. Adding grass and blue skies won't add any production time, but adding names or wedding dates will add approx. an extra 3 days to production. If you like these extra options, please choose from drop down menus. This will look great on any wall color and will definitely be a conversation piece for guests. My paintings have traveled safely all over the globe, using custom sized boxes. Please let me know if you have any questions before purchasing my art. Thanks! -Rene' read more