fischertechnik Robotics TXT Smart Home Robotics Construction Set, Multi,

Experience and understand how the "smart home" works, through play, with the new (No Suggestions) product robotics TXT smart home. The stationary sensor station with a moving camera, new environmental sensor, and other sensors, enables the measurement of air temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, volume and brightness. The camera monitors the room and triggers an alarm, e.g. When there is movement in the room, and can create snapshots. The 544624 can be p and triggers an alarm, e.g. When there is movement in the room, and can create snapshots. The 544624 can be programmed and controlled with Robot pro software and the robotics TXT controller. The sensors' data can be collected and plotted on a graph. In addition, the 544624 can connect to a wife network, so that the camera can also be controlled from a distance. Beyond that, the TXT controller can be connected to a cloud server, in which the sensors' data is saved, and can be retrieved from anywhere in the world. So using a user interface, a so-called "dashboard", the various sensor data can be permanently monitored, and the movement of the camera can be controlled. Further models and applications of this kit are: barometer (measures air pressure), damp monitor (measures humidity and air temperature), environmental wellness sensor (measures the air quality, temperature, humidity) with LED display, noise sensor (measures volume) and Frost monitor (tests temperature against the freezing point). when the pre-set limit values are exceeded and, for example, the room needs to be ventilated because the air quality has fallen below the lower limit value, the system alerts the user via an LED display or with an alarm tone. There are many more possible applications. The accompanying instructional booklet provides helpful background information, projects and programmer tips. Includes environmental sensor, brightness sensor, USB camera (1 MP), 2x encoder motor, 2x push button, LEDs. Required: (No Suggestions) robotics TXT controller, Robot pro software, Ace set, or power set (each sold separately). read more