FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘the Ultimate’ 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

FITNESS REALITY KIDS. Have fun! play safe! built with strong 2" tubular steel frame and able to take up to 9 kids at a time, the FITNESS REALITY KIDS 8 station sports series metal swing set has all the fun features that will help kids stay active, healthy and develop sports skills for a Lifetime. Designed for children ages 3-8 years old, this sports playground includes a 36" fitness jumper trampoline, a 32" flying saucer, a glider, a slide, a monkey bar, a swing, a nd includes a 36" fitness jumper trampoline, a 32" flying saucer, a glider, a slide, a monkey bar, a swing, a basketball hoop and backboard, and a soccer goal with net etc. As kids play they are also getting a good workout and when they associate play and sports that feeling will stay with them as long as they are challenged. The FITNESS REALITY KIDS sports metal swing set will get your kids outdoors instead of playing video games, on the computer or watching TV all day. So let your kids have fun with the FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘the ultimate' 8 station sports series metal swing set. 8 fun activity stations: 36" fitness jumper trampoline: made with a heavy Gauge welded steel frame, heat treated Springs and USA made jumping mat. It can handle kids up to 80 lbs. Included is a safety handle bar to hold on to. 1 swing with contoured plastic seats and thick plastic covered swing chains for added hand protection. Monkey bar with handles– builds arm strength and helps keep off excess weight through exercise. Fitness slide with ladder – made of tough poly Propylene plastic, UV treated with added antifreeze protection for the worst of weather conditions. Rolled sides for hand protection. 32" flying saucer – fits one or two kids up to 80 lbs. Total, and adjustable rope length for different saucer height. 2 person glider - 2 plastic seats with foot rests and tube handles. Basketball hoop and backboard – 17" steel hoop with acrylic backboard. Soccer goal with net - allows kids to play soccer and improve their soccer skills. Basketball, soccer ball and an air pump are included. read more