Fly To Singapore FSX [Download]

“FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX is the first and most comprehensive title of Singapore. The scenery of Singapore has been rendered with the utmost detail. You'll love this product. Fly to Singapore FSX is an exhilirating title which encompases all of Singapore. It is a title of immense size taking you to a place you've never flown rendered with this much detail before in Flight Simulator. The vast library of approach flights alone is the price of admission since detail before in Flight Simulator. The vast library of approach flights alone is the price of admission since it exposes the PC pilot to so many kinds of flight conditions as you'd ever encounter as a real pilot working for a major Asian airline that services this extraordinary country. FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX will take you to Changi International Airport - the Mega Airport of Singapore and on approach you'll encounter the complete gamut of Instrument Landing Systems including CAT I, CAT II and CAT III runway lighting as Changi International is one of the most sophisticated airports in the world. Asia's mega airports provide the PC pilot with all the sophistication and modernity in avionics and airport runway technologies so that pilots flying Asian Airliner's jumbo jetliners will certainly be impressed by the vast repertoire of technologies at the airport facilities at Changi International in Singapore. FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX brings you on an unbelievable journey to Singapore and the entire country is rendered in HD resolution. You'll fly into Changi International Airport and other airports in Singapore that provide the PC Pilot with superb modern aviation marvels. These airports come equipped with all the navigational aids and runway guidance systems that you would expect from the major airports of Singapore. Moreover, you'll also fly into mid size airports and experience the thrill of a descent in dense fog with near zero zero visibility and as you transition to short final you'll experience windshear and some low level turbulence as the aircraft gets buffeted around abit but you'll view the beauty of final approach as the airfield opens up beautifully right in front of your eyes allowing the airfield's runway guidance system to become activated and as your aircraft intercepts the glideslope the autopilot will steer your massive jumbo jetliner on final approach as you negotiate the CAT III ILS approach to Changi International Airport. You'll marvel at the way in which the aircraft is controlled by the sophisticated auto pilot system and even experience a certain sense of achievement when you negotiate the various phases of the Standard Arrival Route and look out the cockpit window and view the city down below with its plush urban landscapes and spectacular views of the skyline. The humid conditions and turbulent approach provide some fair measure of excitement but Changi International Airport has plenty of real estate and the ILS runways are spectacular with bright runway lighting systems ... you'll have lots of room to maneuver on final approach and the weather anomolies will keep you on your toes as you view the immense airport real estate ... these are truly large airports fully equipped with CAT II and CAT III ILS systems ... just try the approaches at dusk or dawn or even night time in dense fog and you'll immediately be impressed by the bright lights on the runways and how the instrument landing system bringing your aircraft down the invisible glideslop right down for an exhilitaring approach and touchdown right on the numbers of the ILS runway. FlightSoft brings you on an empowering journey offering you hundreds of hours of fun, excitement and the learning experience of a lifetime as you negotiate the busy airways of Singapore and fly to Changi International Airport and the airports of Singapore. Yet our description can only touch the surface of the many features you're about to experience in this exhilhirating new title from the FlightSoft Library Vaults. "" Massively ""FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX will place you in the airline captain's `zone' while the jumbo jetliners you choose to navigate the airways offer you all the knobs and switches to precisely fly the big beast and impress your passengers with all the finesse and skill you can muster in landing a large jumbo jetliner at Singapore's Mega Airport Changi International Airport and other airports in exotic Singapore. Fly to Singapore FSX is an ideal product in your flight sim library. This product will round off your collection of FlightSoft's Asian portfolio. And, you'll fine tune your flying skills and impress colleagues and friends alike. ` FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX should be in every PC Pilots flight sim library and especially in your collection of Asian flight sim titles."" Mmogames Key Features: FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX will provide you with one of the most exciting titles of the flight sim genre. The prospects of flying to exotic Singapore in a massive scenery product rendering all the minute details of urban and suburban landscapes is extremely enticing. Singapore is an economic powerhouse in Asia and a major hub for Asian Airlines that criss cross the continent. You'll fly on approach to Changi International Airport as captain of a Singapore Airlines Jumbo Jetliner You'll view spectacular views of the elegant and refined rendition of the scenery below with spectacular views of mountains and the sight of green vegetation on final approach provide a truly extraordinary experience of what it's like to land at a mega airport in Asia. FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX is a product that will bring you on a world wind journey through a country steeped in history and full of economic future. You'll experience some of the most fascinating aviation weather related anomolies matched only by the advanced airport technologies that make a critical impact on safe landings at ultra modern airports in Asia including Changi International Airport in Singapore. Each airport approach will expose you to the variety approach profiles and many terrain challenges that in the world of aviation represent milestones in the resume of real world pilots. The airports of Asia are amongst the most diverse in the world of aviation. Asian Airports are an aviation buff's dream come true. How exciting is it? These airports are some of the largest in the world and and every square meter is packed with vehicles and aircrafts. There are no airports more intense than Changi International Airport in Singapore a marvel of the aviation industry and the airport comes equipped with real world runway visual guidance systems including high res HD CAT I, CAT II, CAT III ILS Instrument Landing Systems with clear runway visual guidance to help pilots cope with the challenges encountered during approach to Asia's largest airports. There's much more to this product than simply testing your metal in airports of immense size and activity density. This product is an introduction to flying the jumbo jetliners and performing the duties of an airline captain. Asia's mega airports are vast and complicated pieces of real estate with a myriad of visual challenges including the most beautiful flight approaches over densely populated urban areas and when you break through cloud and descend below the deck you'll be welcomed by vistas of immense beauty as well as bright green vegetation, rolling hills and cities of immense size and population density. Fly to Singapore FSX will work with you to engage you in the flying experience. It's all about flying and there could not possibly be a better product to learn flying into Singapore's marvelous airports than FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX. You'll thoroughly enjoy the scenic views outside the cockpit window flying over urban landscapes complete with mega airports and ultra modern high res HD runway lighting systems. The MD10 Cockpit Panel what can we say about it? You'll work with its Auto Pilot, GPS and other navigation systems to insure accurate approaches and memorable arrivals to airports throghout Singapore and visit its most prestigious city and airfield in Changi International Airport.AK11 Enjoy FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX in Multi Player mode just join friends and fly to Changi International Airport in Singapore and all the airfields in Singapore. Why not fly there as a group in `flight formation' and then take turns on who can land the jumbo jetliner better or perform a greaser? Can you fly to Asia's mega airports better than a colleague or friend? You'll all be performing the role of airline captain flying jumbo jetliners on assigned flight routes to Singapore's Changi International Airport. You maybe asked to perform a circling maneauver. This is not the race track but when airports get busy often pilots are asked to fly circling maneauvers and you might think that you're flying a `race track' in the skies but what enjoyment awaits you when you are cleared for final approach and find yourself at the controls of a massive jumbo jetliner flying the arrival route and final approach profile to Changi International Airport. You'll learn to enjoy your role as airline captain as you fully engage with the specific flight maneauvers in your toolkit to safely negotiate the highways and byways of the skies as you transition to the Standard Arrival Route and make the final approach your signature dance move on descent to Singapore's Airports and its Mega Airport a hub for many Asian Airlines as they fly the continent each and every day. The Asian Jetliner's Package comes with this package. You'll fly to Changi International Airport in Singapore with a variety of Asian Jetliners including Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Japan Airlines, Japan Asia Airlines and much more! As `Captain In Command' of your jumbo jetliner you will climb the ladder of proficiency as the FlightSoft Library of Approach Flights brings to experience every conceivable approach to Singapore's Mega Airport including approaches in near zero zero visibility. Our Approach Flights Library will provide you with some especially challenging flights into Changi International Airport. You'll fly into Singapore's airfields with precision guided Instrument Landing Systems and capture the glideslope to descend as if on a railroad track down a mountain to land safely on the tarmac at Changi International Airport. You'll fly the approach in style in the captain's seat. You'll be entranced by the experience. You'll want to fly your approaches with all your favorite Asian airliners again and again. You'll fly over hilly terrain, wild meadows, picturesque towns and cities and once more welcomed by the applause of birds chirping and plush bright green rolling valleys and lush meadows ... yes they do embrace you on final approach as your journey comes to an end as you fly the approach to Singapore's Mega Airport in rain or shine ... there you have it ... it doesn't get any better than that!" If you liked FlightSoft's Fly to Singapore FSX then you should add other titles in FlightSoft's Portfolio of Asian titles to your library including Hong Kong FSX LIVE - The Final Frontier in the History of PC Flight Simulation and FlightSoft's Asian Holiday Destinations FSX then look into Fly to Taipei FSX and Fly to MACAU CITY FSX. Why not fly all the major approaches to Singapore's Changi International Airport and other airfields in beautiful Singapore. FlightSoft's library of Automated Approach Flights provides you with the critical experience of hand flying on the last few minutes of a flight ... leave the main flying from the standard arrival route to the final approach to us ... we'll do it for you as the plane descends, turns and captures the glideslop insuring your Instrument Landing System guides you in on an invisible thread right down to the thresshold of the runway for a breathtaking finale and touchdown to Changi International Airport an invaluable addition to your flight sim experiences. Remember that the spectacular airports of this region are great examples of modern aviation achievements and the impressive arsenal of airport technologies will insure that each approach to these airfields will bring you many hours of satisfaction as you negotiate the twists and turns of arrival routes procedures before you transition to final approaches in the midst of immense storms, beautfiul daylight conditions or near zero zero visibilty ... you'll fly your plane in all these conditions and more with great confidence, real precision and immense satisfaction. Requires the base game Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard to activate. System Requirements   Minimum Specifications: OS: Win 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000 Processor: 1 GHz RAM: 512 MB Hard Drive: 252 MB Video Card: Direct X compliant Additional Info: Each Digital Download has a separate and unique Serial Number for each customer. read more