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Peace & Love Plus Size Costume

Peace, Love, and Time TravelWas there ever an era as lively and energetic as the 1960s? Nope, no there was not. We’re not saying modern times are boring, but...oh, wait. Yeah, that’s kind of what we’re saying. If you long for the historical heft, political action, and fabulous fashion of the best-ever era, then seek no further, flower child. We know exactly the look you’ve been imagining all this time.This Peace & Love Plus Size Costume embodies the best of hippie sthe look you’ve been imagining all this time.This Peace & Love Plus Size Costume embodies the best of hippie style in one complete package, circa now. Because let’s face it, we just can’t time travel (yet). We’ve tried. We, too, adore this time period and would join you there in a heartbeat if we could. Technology has come a long way, but it hasn’t come quite far enough. So for now, the only way to really experience authentic Flower Power is by donning this outfit and flashing peace signs up and down your neighborhood. You dig? We thought so!Fun DetailsOf course, half the fun of living in the 60s came from the era’s signature bold style. Lucky for you, you don’t need a souped up DeLorean to get back to that hippie-chic aesthetic you long for. This outfit gets its jolt of style from the heart-and-peace-sign printed mini dress with bell sleeves and faux suede vest panels. Far out! Matching faux suede fringed boot covers have elastic bands at top to keep them in place as you march for peace or stage a sit-in, while the headband is the same fabric as the dress, creating a harmonious experience even a band of mop-topped singer-songwriters would envy.Imagine There’s No Athleisure Wear…It's Easy If You TrySo if this modern world--and it’s boring clothes--has got you down, slip into this stellar costume and live out your dreams of doing the monkey, venturing to Woodstock, and watching a man walk on the freaking moon! Add a pair of round glasses and emulate the girl you know you’d have been, if only you’d been born a few decades earlier...or if that dang iTimeTravel could just be invented already. read more