Clean-Up Time! 10 Additions for Keeping an Organized Playroom

Turn the organized chaos that is your child's playroom into a serene spot of tidiness with systematic shelving to ease your days. Though we may not be able to control how the play area will look post-nap time, we can ensure we have a toy organizer (or two!) to hold the goods once bedtime rolls around.


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The Tidy Books Kid's Bookcase

This aesthetically pleasing bookshelf that is equal parts clean-looking as it is functional is the ideal shelving unit to house all your child's books in an orderly fashion. Keep the books at eye-level for your tiny tot while also keeping them secured safely behind a ledge providing optimum organization for those favorite picture books.

Price: $179

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RiverRidge Kids Shelf Corner Cabinet

Looking for a shelving unit that fits snuggly into the corner next to the princess tent or race car track? This cabinet from RiverRidge is the toy organizer of our dreams, suitable for all the necessary playroom essentials from stuffed animals to board games. Place beloved books, remote control cars, or even a fun lamp atop the unit and feel accomplished about your organized toy room—if only for a moment.

Price: $131.99

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3-Bin Storage Cubby

This compact little cubby is stackable and practical, and will be of great use for your child. Practice clean-up time in style with this storage wonder that has wide bin openings that make it easy for you to load and your child to unload. House stuffed animals, board books, toy cars, and baby dolls alike to keep the playroom clean. You'll be amazed at how much this toy organizer can hold!

Price: $109.99

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Deluxe Art Center

For your little Van Gogh, this deluxe art center is the ideal do-it-all contraption that will keep craft supplies organized and your mind at ease. Storage shelves, marker compartments, and a large table workspace allow your tiny artist to create a true masterpiece that stays on the paper and off of your walls. You're welcome in advance though we can't guarantee those cute kiddo hands will be mess-free.

Price: $540

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Combo Bin Storage Unit with Three Baskets

Your disorganized playroom has finally met its match with this combo toy organizer. A multi-use shelving unit that has eight different compartments accommodates large toys, tiny toys, and every little book and babydoll in-between. Keep the most prized toys laid out on top of the unit while you can rest assured that clean-up time is a breeze with the convenient grab-and-go drawer compartments.

Price: $210

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LEGO Compatible Table

Walk the floors of your home with confidence, knowing all the tiny LEGO pieces are safely put away in this trusty table. A building workspace and storage unit all in one, this table toy organizer will surely put an end to your agonizing shrieks of plastic-induced pain.

Price: $124

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2-Section Locker With Bench

Keep your child's coats, boots, hats, gloves, and every lunchbox right where they belong with this locker and bench getup. Make clean-up time an enjoyable activity for all by allowing easy access to the hooks and shelves, and never misplacing that forgotten, left glove. Add the built-in bench for putting shoes on in comfort, and we're totally smitten.

Price: $240

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Highlight Toy Organizer

A colorful playroom staple, this bright-box toy organizer is a fun addition to any toy territory. It holds 12 different sizes of storage bins to house all the little gadgets and big toys your little one loves. The bins can be rearranged to keep different toys at eye level which will create a whole new level of interest for your kiddos. Your tiny tot spotting an old toy that hasn't made it out to play in a while? Total parenting win!

Price: $68.99

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Relaxed Traditional Storage Chest

Ah, yes—when fashionable furniture meets idealistic function. For all those toys that never seem to find their perfect place, there's simply no better toy organizer than a sleek toybox. A versatile chest that will stash toys, shoes, bedding, and more—your playroom just got a whole lot cleaner.

Price: $112.60

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Jumbo Toy Hammock

A decorative storage unit that is fun for the whole family, this jumbo hammock will help you alleviate all of those "Where's Teddy?" moments. A clean-up time favorite for kids of any age, this hammock toy organizer will be an enjoyable addition to your space.

Price: $13.99

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