10 Clutter-Busting Strategies for the Kids' Room

We all face the same post-holiday predicament. What are we going to do with those heaping piles of new stuff? The answer is in a New Year refresh we're all motivated to participate in. Enlist the kids' help in cleanup time with these savvy storage products from Houzz.

Four multicolored metal baksets photo

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Four-Piece Maya Metal Baskets Set

Ask your children to sort all of their old toys into three piles: toys to keep, donate, and toss. This set of baskets will streamline the task. Ease children into the concept of decluttering by dubbing the largest basket their "keep" pile. Use the two mid-sized baskets as donation piles with gently used toys that your kids have outgrown or lost interest in. Then, treat the smallest basket like a trash bin for worn or broken toys. After you've emptied the baskets, use them to store your refined pile of toys for the rest of the year. ($82; houzz.com)

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Clear underbed storage box with green handles photo

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Six-Pack Underbed Storage Boxes

Don't leave dressers out of the decluttering fun. Hide seasonal items, like Christmas sweaters and festive dresses, under the bed and out of sight until next year. These storage boxes slide nicely under most beds and they're transparent, so you can easily spot what's stored in each one. Lids are included and lock with hard-to-miss, bright green handles. ($68; houzz.com)

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Tote bag with mouse applique photo

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Mouse Caddy

Take toys to-go with a caddy. This canvas basket comes in handy when kids want to pack a toy—or two—for a trip to grandma's or a friend's house. Bonus: You could also use it in the nursery as a diaper pail. ($15; houzz.com)

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White wall hook in the shape of a hand making

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Rock-On Hand Wall Mount

If your kids' room is small, take advantage of wall space. This quirky Rock-On Hand mounts to the wall as a hook so you can hang jackets, backpacks, and dress-up costumes in rockstar fashion. ($26; houzz.com)

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Three-Piece Maine Wall Shelves Set

Showcasing a few things, like rare collectibles or proud action figures, on display shelves will also prevent storage bins from bursting. These should be toys that kids don't play with often, as they're kept out of reach. Store the rest of the collection elsewhere and rotate these playful vignettes as often as you'd like. ($45; houzz.com)

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RiverRidge Kids 6-Cubby, 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet

In addition to wall space, don't forget to capitalize on empty corners. This cabinet was designed to fit perfectly in the corner of the room. It can even be anchored to the wall for extra stability. Dedicate a couple of cubbies to each child and customize it with canvas bins in their favorite colors. Use the three shelves to display items like stuffed animals, piggy banks, and books. ($125; houzz.com)

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Storage bin with gray and black raccoon applique photo

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Raccoon Storage Bin

Fill the cubbies above with canvas bins like this one. 3 Sprouts storage bins come in a wide variety of adorable creatures, including unicorns, dinosaurs, and bears—oh my! Tip: Find one decorated with your child's favorite animal. ($20; houzz.com)

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White activity table photo

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Kids' Activity Table With Toy Box on Wheels

An activity table is essential to any kids' space. This one by South Shore Furniture works double duty as a table for arts and crafts as well as a toy box that slides underneath. The table is open on both sides so two kiddos can play together nicely. There's even a cutout in the middle that can be used for sharing art supplies, Play-Doh, and more. ($141; houzz.com)

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Green Three-Drawer Rolling Cart

Storage on wheels is ultra convenient. Move puzzles, board games, and coloring books to and fro in this compact rolling cart. Simply use the locking caster on the front wheels when you want it to stay put. Although we believe every room can use a healthy dose of cheerful green this time of year, this cart's also available in pink, purple, and white. ($110; houzz.com)

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Multicolored LEGO storage bricks in multiple shapes photo

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Three-Piece LEGO Storage Set

If you have a Lego-obsessed kid at home, you've probably found the tiny playing pieces in just about every nook and cranny of the house. Get those little bricks under control and off the floor fast with these fun Lego-shaped containers. Lids fit tightly onto each container and they're even stackable for life-sized Lego creations. ($33; houzz.com)

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