Kid-Proof Rugs for Every Room in the House

No room of the house feels safe for any kind of fabric when you're parenting littles. Shopping for rugs can truly feel like a nightmare—finding something stylish, affordable, and kid-proof feels impossible, right? Maybe not. Rugs have come a long way, and lightweight, machine-washable, and stain-resistant rugs are becoming more popular by the minute. Check out our awesome selection of durable, beautiful rugs that can stand up against stains, spills, and more.

Kid-Proof Rugs for Every Room in the House
Cream Rug from Ruggable photo

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Ruggable Maral Heriz Creme Rug

Yes, we are starting off a list of kid-proof rugs with a cream-colored fabric rug—and here's why. Ruggable rugs are machine washable, even the giant area rugs that typically couldn't fit in a standard household washing machine. Because Ruggable rugs come in a two part system—mat and rug pad—the top decorative layer is lightweight and can be easily removed to go right in the washer. So go ahead, put this in your living room, your kitchen, or even under the dining room table. (from $109;

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Lorena Canals Azteca Natural Vintage Washable Rug with tassels from Amazon photo

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Lorena Canals Azteca Natural Vintage Washable Rug

This large 100 percent cotton rug is ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms thanks to its playful tassels and machine-washable quality. The pretty pastel design adds charm and character to a room, but it's subtle enough to blend with a variety of decor styles. The two-inch thick plie makes this rug comfy and cool for everyone from crawling babies to trendy teens. ($269;

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Rectangular Blue Patina Rug from Crate&Kids photo

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Crate&kids Blue Patina Rug

This Blue Patina rug from Crate&kids is bold, beautiful, and great for messy kid spaces. The patina effect the rug is named after means the color is inconsistent throughout the rug—ideal for hiding stains. Plus, the rug has a smooth, thick texture that's easy to clean and quick to vacuum. Choose from navy, green, or gray. (from $249;

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Chardin Home Reversible Rug from Amazon photo

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Chardin Home Reversible, Machine-Washable Rug

This washable, 100 percent cotton 3-by-5-foot area rug is a great for kitchens, bathrooms, doorways, and other areas that don't require a lot of fabric coverage, but do require a ton of cleaning. This small area rug is reversible, which already means you'll get more life out of it, and add in the fact that it's less than $40? Sold. ($35;

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Play Mat in Sand Castle by Little Nomad photo

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Little Nomad Roam Free Play Mat in Sand Castle

So this is a play mat and not a traditional rug, but hear us out: It looks enough like a rug that you might as well just use it as a rug. This super-plush padded play mat comes in beautiful, seamless, subtle designs that look grown up and sophisticated. But it's also wipe-to-clean, soft, and comes in multiple connectible pieces, because it's a play mat; it's truly the best of both worlds. Use it in your living room for littles to crawl on, in a nursery, or in a playroom. (from $99;

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Oval Hand-Braided Natural Area Rug from Wayfair photo

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Meador Hand-Braided Natural Area Rug

Entryways, patios, and mudrooms are notoriously dirty, but they really take a beating when you have kids. A natural fiber jute woven rug is durable and versatile, but looks rustic and totally trendy (seriously, scroll through Pinterest for five minutes and you're bound to see one). These rugs can withstand kids, pets, and daily life effortlessly, not to mention the natural color disguises marks from muddy footprints. (from $36;

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Gray play mat by Regalo photo

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Regalo My Play Mat

Another play mat styled as a rug? Absolutely. This Regalo play mat is perfect for nurseries and playrooms. It adds serious padding to keep crawling babies and wobbly toddlers comfortable while they play, and it's easy to wipe clean. It's also portable, so you can move it from room to room, and folds for easy storage—but it's cute enough that you don't have to worry about leaving it out when you invite guests over. ($50;

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Bohemian Washable Rug from Amazon photo

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Secret Sea Collection Bohemian Washable Reversible Rug

From teen boys' bedrooms to boho nurseries or bold dining room accents, this machine-washable rug is nothing if not versatile. The reversible patterned rug comes in five color combinations and five size options, so you're sure to find something that works perfectly for any space in your home. (from $23;

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