Marvel Madness! Superhero Kids Room Decor

Whether your kiddo is aspiring to be a part of the Avengers, is waiting for Professor Xavier to discover him, or dreams of galactic adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy, this superhero-themed room decor is sure to impress and inspire.


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Boys Are Superheroes Printed Art

Even superheros like to be reminded of how awesome they are every now and then. Hang this adorable printed glass art in your kiddo's room to send home that message. This superhero bedroom accessory perfectly completes the room's look for that special little man in your life. ($15;

inspire your little hero

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Marvel Avengers Body Pillow

When Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk are teaming up, you'd better make sure there's plenty of room for everyone. Thankfully, this oversize, squishy-soft body pillow is big enough to fit all three superheros and your little Peter Parker in training. ($12;

support sweet dreams

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Marvel Quilted Bedding

If you were looking for the right bedding set to complete your kid's room decor, look no further! This quilted set, printed with some popular Avengers (Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor), is sure to spark sweet dreams filled with adventures. The reversible quilt is machine washable and just the right touch of superhero style for your crime fighter's room. Super strength and mythical hammer are optional. ($40 - $229;

for aspiring avengers

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Light-Blocking Curtain Panel

Even superheroes need their sleep, which is why we're big fans of these light-blocking panels. These curtains make the room extra dark to ensure your superhero in training is getting a full eight hours. ($25 - $30;

promote a good night's rest

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Captain America Secret Wars Poster

Include all of your kiddo's favorite Marvel characters in one great poster. The comic book-style poster features a real cover from the comics and is incredibly affordable. Your little hero will love displaying this piece of art in his room for years to come. ($8 - $25;

the gang's all here

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Marvel Comics Wood Letter "A"

This retro comic book-wrapped letter gets an A+ in our book. It makes a nifty bookend, accent piece, or wall art. No "A" in your child's name? No problem! Other letters are available for decorative art as well. ($8;

a+ room decor

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Iron Man 4-Inch Alarm Clock

Have a hard time getting your kiddo out of bed in the morning? Let this Iron Man alarm clock do the job for you. Your future Avenger might even enjoy waking up to this fun and functional clock. The striking Iron Man graphic on the front will tie your child's bedroom decor together in a tasteful way that you'll appreciate. ($17;

jarvis-approved alarm clock

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3-D Marvel Wall Light

Sure, this hammer might be able to get picked up by mere mortals, but it's still pretty incredible. Powered by AA batteries, this night-light is perfect for rooms with limited outlets. The so-fun night-light attaches to the wall and comes with a decal to make it look like Thor's hammer smashed straight through your kiddo's bedroom. ($26;

defeat loki with this night-light

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Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Rug

Who doesn't love Groot, or better yet Baby Groot? Add a fun piece of Marvel decor to your child's bedroom with this polyester Groot area rug. The rug gives your little Star-Lord a plush place to play and finishes off his Marvel-themed room. ($40;

lay down a super look

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Spider-Man Blue Storage Bin

Let your child's decor do double duty with this stylish storage bin. Your little hero won't mind clean-up time as much with this Spider-Man bin that's perfect for storing all of his super stuff, including his Hulk hands, Iron Man mask, and Thor hammer. Kiddos will love the Marvel theme and you'll love the clean room. ($20;

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