Take Bedtime to a Whole New Level with These Dreamy Toddler House Beds

As a child, did you pretend to live in a castle by arranging old blankets over the couch and chairs? There was something so fun about sitting underneath mom's old sheets. Now think how much more awesome it would be to actually have a bed that looks like a mini house! Enter the toddler house bed, also known as a Montessori floor bed.

These beds are exactly what they sound like: Picture a house-shaped frame above the mattress, complete with windows, a door and a kitchen (OK, just kidding about the kitchen). But now picture your little angel's precious head resting underneath one of these magical creations.

While this may seem like a cool, new way to sleep, the floor bed concept actually dates back to the early 20th century teaching philosophy called the Montessori Method, which focuses on placing everything a child needs to learn and explore at the child's level. So, by placing their bed on the floor, you give children independence and a chance to learn on their own terms.

Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite toddler house beds that are ready to take up residence in dreamland.

Etsy Toddler House Bed photo

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Toddler House Bed

This eco-friendly, house-shaped toddler bed is made from genuine wood and, amazingly, smells of honey. You also have a choice of wood shades from a selection of water-based paint colors. ($181-$495; etsy.com)

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Montessori Floor Bed photo

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Montessori Toddler Bed Frame

This toddler house bed, or floor bed, is designed with Montessori principles in mind. Your child will be able to move about her room freely and you won't have to worry about her rolling off the bed and getting hurt. ($190-$330; etsy.com)

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Teepee Bed photo

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Teepee Bed

If you're more of a minimalist, take a look at this wooden teepee toddler bed. The frame is simpler, but it still upholds the Montessori principles. ($304-$393; etsy.com)

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Sweet Natural Pine House Bed

This bed frame fits a twin bed and is easily assembled for a night of sweet dreams. ($188; homedepot.com)

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Tiny House White Twin Bed photo

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Tiny House White Twin Bed

This house frame bed is a splurge, but it has window cutouts and a chimney! It's so roomy, it can also accommodate a trundle bed. ($1,299; crateandbarrel.com)

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