8 Craft Kits That Make Good Gifts

Inspire creativity this holiday season with eight craft kits the kiddos will love. From customizable musical instruments to hands-on science experiments, we'll help you gift the perfect kid's kit.


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For The Adventure-Seeker

Junior adventurers will feel like they hit the jackpot with this treasure of a kit. Recommended for kids 5 and up, the Surprise Ride Paint a Treasure Chest activity kit has everything needed for kiddos to decorate their own treasure chest, create a map for the family to follow in search of the hidden fortune, and learn facts about the action-packed, real treasure-hunting world. Get ready for hours of treasure-hunting fun with this kit that's better than gold. ($20; michaels.com)

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For The Aspiring Scientist

Curious minds will have a blast conducting various experiments in the Poof-Slinky Scientific Explorer: Mind Blowing Science kit. Not only will kids have fun creating things like erupting volcanoes and awesome ooze, they'll learn the science and chemical reactions that are responsible for creating the cool outcomes. We love that this kit was designed by the Great Explorations in Math and Science program with little learners, ages 4 and up, in mind. ($30; overstock.com)

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For The Interior Decorator

Give the little ones creative control over their bedroom windows with this Crayola Cling Creator activity kit. Kids' inner artists will shine as they customize the colors and designs of 20 unique clings that they can stick on (and easily peel off) windows. Recommended for kids 8 to 11, this kit provides an opportunity to create art that the whole family can admire. ($22; walmart.com)

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For The Inquisitive Engineer

This gift is a Bluetooth speaker from a company known for their high-quality products, but with a fun twist. The speaker comes broken down into parts, ready to be assembled into a functioning piece of tech. Recommended for kids 8 and up, this kit is perfect for young ones who love getting involved with the production of technology. With easy-to-follow instructions and durable parts, this kit is sure to provide hours of hands-on entertainment (and a working finished product) for ambitious builders. ($149; bose.com)

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For The Nature Enthusiast

Give kids the opportunity to turn their favorite flowers and plants into beautiful keepsakes with this ALEX Toys Little Hands My Flower Press kit. Recommended for kids 5 and up, the materials and project ideas included will preserve the unique leaves and pretty flowers little ones find on nature walks or playing in the yard. ($18; HSN.com)

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For The Dinosaur Lover

Surprise the little paleontologist in your life with the Smithsonian Museum build-your-own T-Rex kit. Using the contents of the kit, dinosaur enthusiasts can create their own toy dinosaur and learn about the famous T-Rex in the process. You'll get a roar of excitement when kids open the box and find materials to customize and build their own new dinosaur friend and a book jam-packed with fun facts and activities. This kit is recommended for kids 6 and up and is sure to be a gift that will go down in history. ($19; target.com)

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For The Beauty Buffs

Bath bombs are as popular as ever right now in the beauty world. The colorful little balls fizz, smell good, and turn a simple bath into a luxurious, spa-like experience. While bath bombs are trendy gifts on their own, this STMT DIY kit takes the cool factor to a whole new level. Young cosmetic chemists can create their own bath bombs complete with unique colors, designs, and essential oil scent blends. This kit is recommended for kids 14 and up, perfect for the teen in your life. ($17; target.com)

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For The Musician

Combining music and art into one great gift, this Kid Made Modern customizable ukulele kit allows little artists to decorate and rock out on their very own ukulele. With art supplies and wooden instrument included, little ones will be ready to learn and show off their musical skills in no time. ($30; amazon.com)

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