11 Best Disney Halloween Costumes for Kids

It's easy for parents to get spooked trying to choose the perfect Halloween costumes for their little ones. Between the overwhelming choices (princess or witch? superhero or villain?) to the barrage of opinions from their little boys and ghouls, deciding on the perfect costumes for kids can be, well, tricky. But with a little help from the Happiest Place on Earth, we've conjured up the best Disney Halloween costumes for kids this year. Whether it's her favorite Disney Junior character (you're singing the theme song now, aren't you?) or his beloved Pixar pal, here's some supercalifragilistic inspiration to make your little hero or magical creature's Halloween dreams come true.

Disney Halloween Costumes Mickey Mouse photo

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Mickey Mouse

It all started with a mouse! Your cutie patootie will be the leader of the clubhouse in the legendary Mickey Mouse costume that is still one of the best infant Disney Halloween costumes of all time. The costume comes with a headpiece, bodysuit and gloves so your little one can work his or her magic to enchant the neighborhood. When you give the nose on the headpiece a little squeeze, it makes a squeaking sound, sure to delight the tiny club member. Just be thankful the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song doesn't emit from this outfit! ($34.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Black Panther photo

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Black Panther

Your child will thank you for the chance to morph into one of the most powerful and popular superheroes this year. Why did we choose Black Panther as one of the best Disney Halloween costumes for boys this season? Well, the trim on the bodysuit actually lights up and the gloves have motion-activated battle sound effects that will make fierce noises as he hunts for treats. Take the feline frenzy to the next level with this Black Panther Light Up Costume. ($49.95 - 54.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Elsa Frozen photo

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Disney Halloween princess costumes are cool, but Disney Halloween queen costumes are even cooler. Despite the fact that Frozen was released five years ago, kids (and adults) cannot seem to let the Ice Queen go. So, it's no wonder the crystal blue gown Elsa dons in the movie is still one of the best Disney Halloween costumes for girls. Inspired by the film, the ensemble comes with a glittery cape, making this snow angel ready to brace the elements and bob for apples. ($44.95 - $49.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Ant-Man photo

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This Halloween, play up your kid's superhero ant-ics (sorry, we had to). You and your little guy will marvel at this larger-than-life costume, which features the mighty Avenger's silver and red mask and a bodysuit with padded muscles. An added bonus of this superhero's uniform is the sound effects box on the wrist. This Disney costume proves that power comes in all shapes and sizes. Your tyke will bug out — in a good way! ($49.95 - $54.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Wasp from Ant-Man photo

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She's so fly! Your little ladybug may be small, but as one of the most powerful females in the Avengers universe, your heroine will make a big impression saving the day in one of the best Disney Halloween costumes for girls this year. Who needs a broomstick? Not this superhero. With the help of the beautiful translucent wings, Ant-Man's partner will glide through the air looking for the best trick-or-treat spots in town. Don't swat this costume idea away! ($44.95 - $49.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes 101 Dalmatians photo

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Top dog! It's a ruff life being so adorable, and this infant Disney Halloween costume will have the other canines in town barking mad with jealousy. Your baby can enjoy the holiday festivities in a 101 Dalmatians costume with a pair of furry mitts and a cozy hood that keeps their paws and ears warm. You can also add your loyal companion's initial on the collar. ($34.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes The Incredibles photo

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The Incredibles

Sure, moms and dads possess their own unique sets of superpowers — but now they can morph into the true superheroes they are. Enter the Incredible Family (yes, your family!). By no stretch of the imagination will you and your kin be invisible. Quite the contrary: by donning the red regalia, you will be the talk of your town and earn major cool points in your little ones' eyes as you dash from door to door for the next treat. There's even a cape for your pooch! This Disney family Halloween costume is perfect for your upcoming holiday card photo. ($29.95 - $79.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Descendants Uma photo

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Wrap your tentacles around one of the best Disney Halloween costumes for girls this year. Your feisty buccaneer will say "Aye Aye!" to this costume of Descendants' Uma, the daughter of the infamous sea witch Ursula. Boasting a faux leather jacket, swashbuckling dress and fingerless gloves, no one will stand in the way of your little lady as she cackles with glee hunting the block for treasure. So much swagger, so little time. ($24.95 - $49.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Buzz Lightyear photo

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Buzz Lightyear

Hero. Friend. Soldier. The costume you may be looking for is "Space Ranger." The reliable Buzz Lightyear costume remains a favorite after all these years, proving that there are still signs of intelligent life somewhere. Woody's best bud is ready for a rendezvous with Star Command, a visit to Pizza Palace or a trip around the block with the rest of his crew. The costume comes with a suit and Buzz's helmet. Sadly, the spaceship is not included. However, this is also one of the best infant Disney Halloween costumes. Just one warning, earthlings: The adorable infant spacesuit will have everyone buzzing. Upgrade to a Light Up costume for bigger kids. ($16.95 - $44.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Vampirina photo

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Get ready for a case of the batties! It doesn't take a clever spell to turn your tiny ghoul into the cutest vampire in Pennsylvania, Transylvania or anywhere else for that matter. When your little Vee sinks her fangs into the spooky velvet dress embellished with a cobweb design and a bat-ear headband accessory, she will be ready for a frightfully good time in this fang-tastic Disney Halloween costume for girls. ( $19.95 - $39.95; shopdisney.com)

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Disney Halloween Costumes Iron-Spider photo

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With great costumes, comes great responsibility and even greater delightfulness. The amazing Disney Halloween costume for boys is a spidey superhero who appears in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, and it includes four detachable spider legs and motion activated sound effects. The loveable arachnid can spin his web of cuteness all over town leaving everyone feeling good — and safe. ($49.95 - $54.95; shopdisney.com)

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