5 Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Using Primary Everyday Wear

There are times when we don't want glitter or ruffles or confusing designs splattered all over our kids' clothes. That's why we love Primary. Their clothes are basic and simple and can be worn over and over again. Another reason we love Primary? They're also making Halloween easy by inspiring parents to take matters into their own hands to create clever and adorable DIY Halloween costumes without having to pick up a needle and thread. Best of all, the costumes can have a second life—the hoodie your little guy wore for his dragon costume can be the same hoodie he wears to school the following week — minus the scales, of course. Scroll to see our favorite Primary DIY costume picks, along with details on how to make them and where to buy the essential pieces.

Primary DIY Halloween Ninja Turtle photo

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Ninja Turtle

The heroes in a half shell will look totally tubular and make the other kids green with envy. Start with the green long sleeve pj top ($12; primary.com) and, of course, the matching green pj pant ($12; primary.com). Glue or pin tan felt for the belly, brown felt for the belt and blue felt for the mask if your reptile wants to channel the crimefighters' leader, Leonardo. Oh, and don't forget the handy fabric tape!

Get complete instructions here.

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Primary DIY Halloween Daenerys photo

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Baby Daenerys

In this mother of all costumes, she'll show everyone who is the real queen. Just pair the baby dress in cobalt ($18; primary.com) with the baby leggings in heather grey ($12; primary.com). Accessorize with a blonde wig, blue cape and a baby dragon to play with.

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Primary DIY Halloween Carrot photo

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They may not eat all their veggies, but at least they can dress like one in this bright orange costume, which requires only the long sleeve pj top ($12, primary.com), the pj pant ($12; primary.com) and a clever green paper hat to pull off.

Get complete instructions here.

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Primary DIY Halloween RBG photo

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Ruth Baby Ginsberg

There are no words to do this look justice. Your little lawmaker will break all the rules in this nontraditional Halloween costume. Pair the black long sleeve dress ($18; primary.com) and white peter pan polo ($18; primary.com) with a pair of studious glasses and pearl earrings. Then simply attach a bit of white lace to the front collar.

Get complete instructions here.

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Primary DIY Halloween Dragons Love Tacos photo

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Dragons Love Tacos

Your kids will love these costumes inspired by the wildly popular book. Although the spicy salsa is not included, you can have fun making the delicious getup. Grab one long sleeve top in blue and another in red ($12; primary.com) and two pairs of leggings, one in red and the other in blue ($14; primary.com). For the dragon who loves tacos, get this blue hoodie ($22; primary.com) and then get to work! For the dragon spikes, attach sponges to the hoodie using safety pins. Other items you will need for the tail and all the fixings: blue felt, fabric tape and don't forget the glue gun!

Get complete instructions here.

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Primary DIY Halloween Mary Poppins photo

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Mary Poppins

Because your child is practically perfect in every way, she'll look as sweet as a spoonful of sugar. Start with the white long sleeve peter pan polo ($18; primary.com) and the cobalt/pool reversible twirly skirt ($24; primary.com). The ensemble wouldn't be up to Mary's standards if your little one didn't have a red bow tie and, most importantly, the iconic umbrella for easy transportation.

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Primary DIY Halloween Jedi Knights photo

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Jedi Knights

These are the costumes you are looking for. Start with the white long sleeve pj top ($12; primary.com) and the white legging ($14; primary.com). Grab some brown felt to make a belt for both the Jedi Knight and Rey and also for the Jedi Knight's hooded cloak. For Rey's off-white sashes, try this fabric, and may the force be with you.

Get complete instructions here.

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