Gifts for the Trendy Teenage Girl

From room decor to innovative electronics, get your teenage girl something she'll truly love this year. Watch her face light up when she rips open that wrapping paper.


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Pearl Bath Bombs Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb

Give your girl a fun way to pamper herself. This oh-so-pretty unicorn bath bomb transforms boring bath water into a different sparkly shade of pink, blue, or purple. The sweet cotton candy scent is a nice bonus too. Each bath bomb is unique—just like your teenage girl. ($17;

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LuMee Two iPhone Selfie Case

Help your teenager get a leg up on that selfie game with this LuMee II smartphone case. The built-in LED light creates diffused lighting to take a more flattering photo on her phone no matter where she goes. If she loves Snapchat and Instagram, she'll love this gift. ($50;

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

She's growing up fast, so don't let her miss a single fun-filled moment with this Fujifilm instant camera. She'll love the convenience of getting her photos instantly to hang in her room or decorate her journal. The modern features on this camera ensure that her prints are all high quality. ($70;

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Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Give your teenage girl the perfect place to relax while she does homework at night. This massive bean bag chair is ideal for snuggling up after a long day at school, and it provides additional seating when friends come over. ($123;

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UGG Blanche Robe

Raising teenagers is no easy task, but sometimes we forget about the stresses that teenage years can impose on our children. Let your teen know it's okay to unwind and destress by giving her a cozy robe. Pair this cushy robe with an at-home spa day and her day of pampering and relaxation will be complete. ($98;

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Eccolo Dayna Lee Collection Journal

A little motivation can go a long way. Make sure she feels empowered on even the dreariest days with this brightly colored inspirational journal. It's the perfect place for her to jot down to-do lists, set goals, and help keep her life organized. ($19;

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Kate Spade NY Compact

This polished, sophisticated Kate Spade NY compact will remind your teenage girl to be herself every time she pulls it out. The best part? This simple gift will fit perfectly inside her backpack or purse for quick touch-ups in between class and after-school activities. ($30;

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Suede Mini Rocker Speaker Chair

Your teenage girl will never use her electronics the same again after trying out this speaker chair. She can plug in her favorite hand-held and desktop devices to take her gaming and movie-watching experience to the next level. ($159;

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Motivational Prints

Fill her life and her room decor with positive vibes. This Etsy wall print will add a pop of color to her space while never letting a moment go by that doesn't remind her to always start the day off right. ($10 - $50;

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Gold Dot Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to her homework playlist has never been so fun. These adorable wireless polka-dot headphones produce high-quality sound and even higher-quality looks. ($79;

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Ticket Stub Diary

Help her start preserving her memories early with this ticket stub diary from UncommonGoods. The book comes with clear sleeves that can fit a variety of ticket sizes from concerts, movies, musicals, sporting events, and more. It's an awesome way to cherish experiences that she'll want to relive forever. ($12;

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Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

You know your little star has always dreamed of her name in lights. Add an extra bit of fun and personality to her room decor with this uber-cool color changing cinema lightbox. Let her personalize the marquee-inspired message to fit her style and mood. ($50;

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