8 Gifts for Your Tech-Savvy Kiddo

Let your kids unwrap our favorite tech toys for this holiday season. The tech-savvy kiddo in your life will be all smiles.


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Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Timeless Play-Doh gets a modern upgrade with this unique gift. The Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio, along with the Touch app on your iOS device, creates a hands-on experience that brings your kid's creations to life. The included character stampers unlock new worlds and personalities to delight your little one. Bonus: All the Play-Doh creatures can be saved in the app to play with another day. The fun never ends with this must-have tech toy. ($30; apple.com)

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Air Hogs DR! Micro Race Drone

Drones are one of this year's hottest gifts for adults, and there are great drones for kids too. The Air Hogs DR! Micro Race Drone is designed for indoor racing and agile enough for small spaces. Kids ages 8 and up will have a blast flying, and even new flyers can enjoy the experience with automatic take-off, height lock, and landing flight-assist technology. Get this gift that won't disappoint. ($40; amazon.com)

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Nunu Unicorn Talkie

Why buy an ordinary stuffed animal when you can get the Nunu Unicorn Talkie. This Wi-Fi-enabled Talkie allows children to communicate with approved family and friends via the Toymail app. Adults can respond directly through the app, and kids can talk from toy to toy. Other features that make this toy unique are reminders to help kids stay on track, reactions to physical play, and scheduling sleep and wake times. Plus, this fun toy grows with your child, so they won't outgrow it anytime soon. ($59; toymail.com)

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Maze: A DIY Virtual Reality Adventure

If your kids love puzzles, the Maze by Seedling game will be right up their alley. After designing your own maze, download the free app to transform your creation into virtual reality. Once you secure your device in the VR viewer, you can travel through your unique maze. Connect with family and friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for an even more interactive experience. This game is classified as a STEAM toy, incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math for a one-of-a-kind gift for your kiddo. Get this interactive game that the whole family can enjoy. ($60; seedling.com)

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New Nintendo 3DS XL

The New Nintendo 3DS XL is the perfect gift for kids who love to game on the go. The compact gaming device has fast processing speeds, face-tracking 3-D technology for an improved gaming experience, and other built-in entertainment options. When traveling in long car rides, this device will keep your kids occupied and happy with all their favorite games. ($200; nintendo.com)

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Sphero Mini Blue

The Sphero Mini Blue is an app-controlled robot ball that makes a great stocking stuffer this holiday. Easily interchange shell colors depending on your mood, play games, or drive it in a variety of ways. The new Face Drive feature uses facial recognition technology that allows you to roll the ball with just your face! If your kids love apps that can be interactive, this is the perfect gift. ($49; amazon.com)

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Singing Machine Remix Karaoke System

Have a little aspiring singer? The Remix Hi-Def Karaoke System is fun for the whole family to enjoy on game night. Play your favorite songs by making your own library, and flip on the LED Disco Light to really put on a show. This machine is also Bluetooth compatible and includes an 8GB USB to upload videos, record vocals, and listen to your favorite performances later. Get this karaoke system that will keep on entertaining. ($80; singingmachine.com)

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Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Who doesn't love Star Wars? For any fanatic in your family, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is easily customizable and offers endless hours of play, so kids can keep inventing new droids or teaching their droids new skills. The free app allows your child to go on missions with the droid they've built, and every new droid they create can have its own personality. Other features include force mode, which allows your kiddo to guide their droid with a wave of the hand, and self-navigation, so the droid can detect objects and move around them on its own. Even if your kids aren't familiar with Star Wars, this make-from-scratch droid is a great gift to unleash their inner engineer. ($99; amazon.com)

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