Gifts That Keep On Giving: Subscription Boxes for Year-Round Fun

Subscription boxes are the perfect gift for the fun-loving kiddos in your life. With options including everything from science to cooking, kids will love receiving their very own monthly packages filled with fun activities and toys. Don't know which subscription to choose? Read on to discover 12 of our favorites.


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Little Passports World Edition

Aspiring world travelers will love opening a box full of adventure each month with a subscription to Little Passports' World Edition. Recommended for kids 6 to 10, the first kit kids will recieve includes their very own toy passport, a suitcase to store all of their monthly goodies, a world map to track their future "travels", and more. Then each consecutive box will feature a specific country, allowing little ones to learn about cultures and places around the world. Kids can continue the fun online with access to games and activities relating to the boxes' contents. ($13+ per month;

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Hand over the whisk and let little chefs create masterpieces in the kitchen with a monthly subscription to Kidstir. The fun begins with a shipment of tools designed to kickstart the development of cooking skills: a recipe binder to store both tried-and-true favorites and new creations, recipes involving the complete food pyramid, and informational pages to encourage learning and skill development. Parents and kids can then work together to shop for ingredients and whip up yummy recipes for the whole family with each new box. ($13+ per month;

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Rosetta Stone

Give the gift of a new language this year with a subscription to Rosetta Stone. While it's not technically a box, we just couldn't leave it off this list. A subscription to Rosetta Stone is one of our faves because it gives the whole family the tools needed to successfully learn a new language—and have a blast along the way. Little ones will love the games and activities, and the company's unique speech-recognition software and native tutors help provide a learning experience like no other. The online learning works on multiple devices, so kids can learn at home or on-the-go. Pro tip: Download lessons on your tablet for the perfect car-ride companion! ($10+ per month;

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Kiwi Co's Kiwi Crate

Foster curiosity and supply endless opportunities for fun and learning with a subscription to Kiwi Co's Kiwi Crate. Every month little ones will receive their very own package filled with activities and crafts designed with STEAM education in mind. Recommended for kids age 5-8, this kit has the perfect blend of fun and education that kids will love and parents will approve of. ($17+ per month;

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Bramble Box

Bramble Box is a monthly play and craft kit assembled each month at a small, family-run business in Pennsylvania. Each box centers around a specific theme, so the included toy and activities go hand-in-hand for hours of creative fun. Recommended for kids 3 to 7, this kit can be purchased as recurring, monthly shipments or as a one-time gift, which ends after a specified time without having to cancel. Our favorite part? You get to choose the theme for the boxes each month, so they'll be perfect for your little ones' unique interests. ($27+ per month;

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Kiwi Co's Cricket Crate

Kiwi Co's Cricket Crate is the perfect gift for curious toddlers. Designed for little ones 24 to 36 months, this monthly kit includes activities and toys that can be adapted as your child grows and develops. Each box includes toys, a fun and educational magazine to help parents get the most out of the box's contents, access to continued online fun, and more. Searching for little ones even younger? Kiwi Co also has a kit for newborns. ($17+ a month;

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Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts offers a monthly subscription kit that we think is an all-around win. The company was founded by an environmental scientist super-mom, who makes sure the activities included in the kit are environmentally friendly and encourage imagination and STEAM learning. Recommended for kids age 2-10, this subscription box is fun, educational, and sustainable. Plus, this box has the option of upgrading to a bigger kit—perfect for siblings to create and play together. ($18+ per month;

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Kiwi Co's Doodle Crate

Little artists will love diving into the crafts and activities in Kiwi Co's Doodle Crate. Complete with materials, step-by-step instructions, inspiration, and additional online tutorials, each kit allows aspiring artists to create and customize craft projects like sumi-e ink wash paintings and color-blocked candles. Not only will kids have fun creating finished projects they can be proud of, they'll also improve their techniques and discover new types of art along the way. ($17+ per month;

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Steve Spangler Science Club

Science projects are always a hit, and with a monthly delivery of everything necessary for cool experiments, this kit ensures fun for both kids and parents! Jam-packed with exciting and educational science projects, the Steve Spangler Science Club kit will teach little ones about science and provide hands-on learning and unforgettable family experiences. Recommended for kids 5 to 10. ($10+ per month;

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The Reading Bug Box

Get ready for hours of page-turning fun with a subscription to The Reading Bug Box. Each monthly shipment is created with the unique interests and likes of your special little one in mind. From fantasy to humor to graphic novels, The Reading Bug has the books that will spark kids' interest and leave them looking forward to reading. The more information you provide the company when you sign up, the more personalized the box will be! Recommended for ages 0 to 13, each delivery comes with three to four books and other fun goodies. ($18+ per month;

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Animal Trackers

Learn all about the amazing animals in the African Savannah each month with an exciting subscription to Animal Trackers. Watch kids' eyes light up as they open their monthly box to take a trip to the grasslands and get up close and personal with a variety of animals—like the powerful lion and the intriguing hippopotamus. Perfect for animal lovers and adventure seekers 3 and up, a subscription to this animal adventure kit will teach kids about animals through art projects, information cards, toys, and more. ($15+ per month;

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Tinker Crate

Kiwi Co's Tinker Crate provides hands-on entertainment for inquisitive tinkerers 9 and up. With a complete STEM project to build, a zine filled with fun facts and activities, a blueprint to spark interest and guide young inventors, and more, this monthly box delivers endless fun and educational opportunities. ($17+ per month;

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