11 Non-Candy Treats for Halloween

Skip the sweets and opt for a different kind of treat this Halloween. These 11 non-candy goodies will have all of your trick-or-treaters already excited for next year.


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Halloween Pretzels

Go for salty instead of sweet this Halloween with a bag of miniature Snyder's pretzels. The salty crunch will be a welcome surprise after all of the chewy sweets. ($2.95; walmart.com)

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Sun-Maid Raisins

If you want to give trick-or-treaters something sweet but don't want to add to the mounds of chocolate they're sure to collect, raisins are an ideal option to hand out. These mini boxes of Sun-Maid raisins are the perfect portion size too. ($3.50; walmart.com)

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Neon Vampire Teeth

Kids will be getting plenty of things to bite down on throughout their Halloween celebrations, but branch out and give them something to bite down with. These neon vampire teeth are sure to be a fan favorite. Your treat may even improve their costumes. ($10 for 144; orientaltrading.com)

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Miniature Halloween Notebooks

Give trick-or-treaters an outlet to channel all of that sugar-powered energy when they get home. These adorable spiral notepads are perfect to hand out on Halloween night and may give the kiddos the spark of creativity they need to write their own ghost stories. ($10 for 24; amazon.com)

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Land O' Lakes Cocoa Classics Hot Chocolate Mix Variety Pack

Fall nights can be chilly. A cozy mug of hot cocoa is the perfect way to unwind and relax after an eventful night of being ghouls and goblins. Kids will appreciate the chocolate, and parents will appreciate that there's plenty to share. ($29.40; groceryeshop.com)

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ACT II Halloween Butter Mini Bags

Not only is popcorn full of fiber that kids' bodies need, but these mini bags are the perfect portion size for a late-night snack. The Halloween-themed packaging keeps it festive for an extra-special treat. ($12 for 32; nationwidecandy.com)

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Glow Stick Necklaces

Not only will kids love these glow-stick necklaces, but the fluorescent accessory will make it easier to see trick-or-treaters as the sun starts to set. Combining safety and fun in one product is always a great choice. Let them pick out their favorite color for an even better treat. ($37 for 50; amazon.com)

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Nature's Kick Honeystix

Let them indulge their sweet tooth without buying all of that processed sugar. These pure honey sticks are an awesome trick-or-treat goodie. You can even buy naturally flavored varieties like apple, blueberry, agave, and cherry. ($100 for 1,000; originalhoneystix.com)

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Eyeball Erasers

School supplies don't have to be boring. Give your visitors one of these funky rubber eyeball erasers to show off in class the next day. We see some scary-good grades in their future. ($6 for 24; orientaltrading.com)

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Halloween Play-Doh Fun-Size Cans

You're never too old to have some fun with Play-Doh. Skip the sugary treats and hand out these fun-size cans instead. The sculpting options are endless, and it'll keep kids busy long after the candy is gone. ($10; kohls.com)

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Mini Jack-O'-Lantern Bubbles

Bubbles are a foolproof (ghoulproof?) way to ensure a good time for anyone who knocks on your door this Halloween. The jack-o'-lantern design keeps these treats festive and fun and perfect for guests of all ages. ($6.50 for 48; orientaltrading.com)

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