PAW Patrol Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Thinking of taking a trip to Adventure Bay? Does your little pup squeal with delight whenever her favorite rescue dogs help a friend in need? Whether you're a fan of PAW Patrol or just a parental bystander, those precious pups' paw prints are all over the fabric of your daily life. It's only natural that for your little one's birthday, she'd want to celebrate in a big canine way. So, we dug deep and took to the skies searching for the best PAW Patrol party ideas. Remember: No party is too big, no celebration too small. If you need the paw-fect party ideas just yelp for help — or read on for some inspiration. We're on the case!

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Yay! The mailman is here! Get those party animals there on the double with these adorable PAW Patrol birthday invitations featuring their favorite, vibrant characters. Each pack includes eight invites, plus envelopes. ($4.95;

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Throw the kids a bone! This durable 12-by-10-inch cake pan features 15 dog treat molds that will delight partygoers. Best of all, it's dishwasher safe. ($11.99; Need some recipe inspo for your PAW Patrol birthday cake? Check out these yummy ideas.

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A party isn't a paw-ty without treats! Doggie bags like the ones above ($1.84;, filled with trendy and delicious treats, are sure to be a hit with your guests. Popcorn (pup-corn!), pretzels and chips make for a scrumptious spread, but why not try a fun twist on those snacks? Check out this Puppy Chow Mix (for kids, obviously) recipe. Kids will be bowled over digging into treats served in colorful pet bowls (3 for $12.43; featuring dog bone decorations on the side.

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Is that Marshall? Chase? Zuma? It's whomever they want to be! These felt masks ( $1.57 each, are great for setting the mood for a rescue mission. You can also get your petite party goers fired up with plastic firefighter helmets ($8.26 for 12;, or maybe they'll prefer to get dirty and dig up their own treasures in a yellow construction hat ($12.99 for 24; like Rubble wears. Your party animals will jump at the chance to sport their favorite rescue pups on their skin with pawsitively cute tattoos ($2.59; Don't worry, this "ink" is easily removable with soap and water or rubbing alcohol.

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Finally! Paw prints you won't have to sweep up after the party. This is one of our favorite PAW Patrol party ideas. Place these black vinyl prints ($2.80-$44.00; on your floors, walls or wherever you like (except on children). Don't think we forgot about the V.I.P. of birthday staples: balloons! The above set of 8 or 16 latex balloons ($7.99 -$13.32; comes with a mix of white or red, yellow and blue paw-print balloons adorned with your favorite PAW Patrol pup. Another great PAW Patrol birthday party idea is a party sign to make guests feel right at home, like this handmade one ($4.95; that comes with your choice of two wordings. You won't receive a physical item in your mailbox, so just remember to download it off your computer.

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What a great PAW Patrol birthday party idea! These unique 12 oz. plastic party cups ($1.00-$20.00; come with lids and your choice of paper straw design. The best dinnerware is the kind you don't have to wash, like this set of 8 round, paper dinner plates ($2.95; that are super cute and a great incentive to get your kiddies eating their grub. Clean up the mess or wipe the drool with napkins featuring your favorite pups ($2.77; Be sure to feature a centerpiece that will be the center of attention (aside from the birthday girl or boy, of course). These are downloadable and each set comes with 8 PAW Patrol characters ($6.99; The best part? They're double-sided and can also be used as cake toppers.

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