School Santa with These Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Show Santa what's up this Christmas when you gift your kids one of these so-cool stocking stuffers under $25. From robot building kits and scented markers to hi-bounce putty and slime monsters, you're sure to win Christmas with one of these great gifts.</p>


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#9 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Build Your Own Robot Kit

Create endless Christmas morning fun when you add this Build Your Own Robot Kit to your child's stocking. This great stocking stuffer comes with instructions to make three different robots per kit, and leaves the rest to the imagination of your child, as the kits are designed to foster creativity. Note: This gift is not suitable for children under three years of age due to small parts and a potential choking hazard. ($15;

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#8 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Markers

Coloring gets even better when your creations are cherry- and grape-scented. With the Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Markers your child's creativity will reach new heights. The scented markers have a slim barrel and fine tip—great for detailed colorists. This stocking stuffer is sure to impress! ($6;

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#7 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Hi-Bounce Boing Putty

Unique and fun, this Hi-Bounce Boing Putty makes for a perfect stocking stuffer. The putty can be molded into almost any shape and tossed against a variety of surfaces for endless Christmas morning fun. As an added bonus, this putty comes in a reusable container to ensure it doesn't dry out and storing it is made easy on mom and dad. ($2.50;

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#6 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils

Help unleash your child's creativity with stocking stuffer number six on our list! The Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils don't require any sharpening and are non-toxic, making them a great gift for the little artist in your life. With 30 colors to choose from, your creative kiddo can let their imagination run wild as they color blue giraffes, purple hippos, and magenta airplanes. ($8;

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#4 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Glow Dinosaur

These glowing dinosaurs make for an easy and affordable stocking filler your children will love. The amusing dinos come in five assorted styles, glow in the dark, and are four inches wide. Please note these dinosaurs are not suitable for children under four years old, as they feature a sharp point. ($7;

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#5 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: 1001 Things to Spot at Christmas

Have fun Christmas morning as you and your family try to spot 1,001 things at Christmas. This festive book is filled with entertaining Christmas-related things for your kiddos to find and count. Suitable for children ages four to eight, this book will ensure your kids have an entertaining holiday. Bonus: Check out these 20 Christmas and holiday books for kids. ($10;

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#3 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Holiday Poppers

These charming little poppers are a festive stocking stuffer your kiddos will love playing with. Simply squeeze these holiday characters' plump bellies and they'll shoot the soft foam ball flying through the sky. Each popper comes with six foam balls and has the ability to send the balls soaring up to 20-feet in the air. ($10;

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#2 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Moana DVD

Inspire your little one to take on adventure when you put Disney fan favorite Moana in their stocking. The DVD tells the tale of Moana, a spirited teen set on an adventure to save her home from ruin. This DVD also comes with bonus features including audio commentary and a music video for the hit song "How Far I'll Go" performed by Alessia Cara. ($20;

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#1 Stocking Stuffers to School Santa: Chalk Bomb

Get ready for a whole lot of fun and a slight mess. These chalk bombs will allow your kids to create art with every toss. Available in six assorted colors, these chalk bombs just might be the highlight of your kiddo's Christmas. Heads up, the chalk powder used in these so-fun stocking stuffers contains colorants that may stain fabric—they're for outdoor use only. ($4;

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