Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Mom & Baby

When it comes to baby shower gifts, experienced moms know that onesies are a dime a dozen. So instead of the traditional blankets or boppys, check out these unique gifts that stand out and really make a difference.


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Electric Nail Trimmer

Sometime it's the little things that truly make a new mom's life simpler. Enter the "Buzz B. Electric Nail Trimmer—a safe and efficient way to give baby's nails a quick trim. The nail trimmer's gentle oscillating system means easy filing without cutting (and without the use of mom's teeth!) for stress-free baby mani-pedis anytime, anywhere. ($35; nordstrom.com)

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The Baby Bullet

Figuring out how to meet baby's nutrition needs can be a tricky venture. Luckily, the Baby Bullet is the all-in-one solution. The food processor makes preparing baby's food a breeze with its two different blades for blending or creating foods with chunkier textures. The recipe book will inspire endless creations and the handy storage containers will help keep meals fresh. Bravo, Mom... and bon appétit, baby! ($60; target.com)

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The Bump Box

What better gift for a new or expecting mom than one that's tailored to her due date? The bump box gives the expecting mother exactly what she needs, when she needs it. There are several options like a monthly subscription (that you can easily cancel at any time) or one-off boxes specific to each trimester. There are also a variety of newborn boxes to choose from, but each has mom and baby essentials (think bath bombs, nipple cream, and so much more) that any expecting or postpartum lady will adore. (Prices vary; bumpboxes.com)

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Eddie Bauer Stroller Organizer

Sometimes strolling out the door is not as simple as it sounds with a new baby in the mix (and baby brain, to boot!). Most new moms can use a little help keeping things in order, which makes this stroller organizer that easily attaches to most strollers a welcome invention. It has space for snacks, drinks, and all the other essentials, so losing your keys or forgetting your phone just got a little tougher. ($20; target.com)

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Baby Keepsake Library

Moms know that memories are to be cherished, so let her enjoy them forever (and keep them in mint condition) with this thoughtful gift. The unique storage and filing system makes taking a trip down memory lane easy. It has compartments for storing keepsakes like teeth, hospital bracelets, and anything else that warms the heart, along with labels and envelopes for added organization. ($80; uncommongoods.com)

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Letters to My Baby

Sometimes it's the fleeting moments, rather than the milestones, that are the most special to a mom, but sharing those feelings with your little one can be a task. Document all the feels with this sweet correspondence set between a parent and child. The letters can be sealed, dated, and gifted down the road, so your baby can experience those timeless moments again with you. ($15; uncommongoods.com)

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Skip Hop Moby Collection

Make bath time fun and safe with the Skip Hop Moby Collection. From the soft spout cover to the knee-saving bath kneeler, every item in this collection is a whale of a good idea. All the items in the collection are super affordable, so snag one or snag them all. ($10–$16; target.com)

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Nectar Elasticity Oil

Sometimes a pregnant belly needs a little rub — but don't forget the oil! Noodle & Boo's elasticity oil helps ease that pregnancy itch but also protects against stretch marks. It's hypoallergenic and contains no parabens, GMOs, or other questionable ingredients for the healthiest (and most environmentally friendly) mom and baby duo. ($18; nordstrom.com)

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Bluetooth Thermometer

Moms know you should never wake a sleeping baby, and certainly not a sick one. But when it comes to taking the temperature, sometimes you have to, right? Not anymore. The Fever Frida lets baby rest while automatically taking (and storing) baby's temperature and sending the info to your phone or tablet. It alerts you of shifts in temperature and reminds you of when medication was last given, too. Nothing says modern, savvy mama like this smart baby thermometer. ($70; nordstrom.com)

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