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Pirate Princess Girl Party Pack Decorations Centerpiece with Parasol and Painted, Personalized Treasure Chest

This pirate princess - pirate girl party pack is great for pirate birthday party decorations, centerpieces, pirate movie night, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts for the little princess This listing includes the following items: -Pirate Girl Parasol Umbrella- this medium parasol sized black umbrella is decorated with a silver treasure map winding around shark fins and skull and crossbones (with pink gem eyes), ending at an X with a gem heart center. It has a bright pifins and skull and crossbones (with pink gem eyes), ending at an X with a gem heart center. It has a bright pink fluffy feather trim and topper. Gems may vary. - Pirate Girl Treasure Chest- this wooden chest is painted pink with a treasure map and the front can be personalized with the name of the princess. This is perfect for all of those rings, bracelets, hair clips and other small treasures that float around without a place to be. Gems will vary. -Mardi Gras Beads- receive a bag of Mardi Gras beads and trinkets/ doubloons. It gives a special touch to the princess pack. The umbrella is a parasol size and is smaller than a standard rain umbrella. Each spoke is 14 inches from the top to the tip, 19 inches from the top of the closed umbrella to the hook handle. The umbrella is about 25 inches across the bottom, when opened. The size of this umbrella is perfect for some shade on-the-go and party fun! It opens and covers over both shoulders, but does not poke everyone else. Children also love this umbrella and it isn't overwhelming! It is custom hand painted with a paint that won't crack or chip. Sparkly gems are added with a professional grade glue. The treasure chest is a raw wood chest that measures 9 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches. It is a dresser top style chest. I hand paint each and add a glitter coat. A name will be added to the front, after purchase. Name will be filled as an option The Mardi Gras beads will vary in size and color. They are straight from New Orleans! Very authentic. :) If you prefer certain colors, let me know and I will try my best. read more